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Vance Joseph would probably keep Wade Phillips as Defensive Coordinator if hired

Nothing official here, but it appears Vance and Wade have a solid relationship already.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The two biggest questions Broncos Country has right now is who will be the next Head Coach of the Denver Broncos? and will that coach keep Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips?

Well if Vance Joseph ends up getting the Broncos job(He is rumored to be the current front runner) then it appears Wade Phillips would likely be returning as the Denver Broncos Defensive Coordinator.

Here's why.

From 2011 to 2013, Vance Joseph served as Wade Phillips Defensive Backs coach for the Houston Texans. So obviously they built a relationship there and Wade helped Joseph grow into the coach he is today. So that would likely help Wade's chances of sticking around a bunch I would assume.

Here is the other and probably most important reason. When Vance Joseph met with the Miami media after being hired as the Dolphins Defensive Coordinator, he would not stop bringing up Phillips as a mentor and how he mirrors his coaching style after him.

Vance praises other brilliant defensive minds he worked under like Mike Nolan and Mike Zimmer but singles out Wade as the coach he mirrors his coaching style after.

"Mike Nolan hired me in San Fran and Mike has been a great defensive mind in the league for a long time," Joseph said. "I leave Mike and I go to Wade Phillips in Houston. That was the ultimate guy to work with because Wade is a great guy, but he’s played more top 10 defense than anybody in NFL history. His personality, all aggressive, and leaving there and going to Cincy with Marvin Lewis, who’s been a great defensive mind also and Mike Zimmer and those guys, it’s been a blessing to be around three or four top-tier guys in this business. Those guys teach you what it looks like, so when you see it, you know it."

Vance called Wade the "ultimate guy to work with". That's high praise considering he worked with Mike Nolan, Mike Zimmer, and Marvin Lewis as well. He also knew that Wade has coached more top 10 defenses than anyone else in NFL history.

Sure doesn't sound like a guy who is going to boot Wade from the Broncos coaching staff.

Vance didn't stop there either. When he was asked if he would be an aggressive or conservative play caller he continued to talk about Wade and how he "grew up" under him.

"I think every game is going to be different. I grew up with Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and he is aggressive all of the time. That’s Wade’s deal. Every game is going to be different and I’m going to call the game to win the game that day. It can be conservative, it can be aggressive, but it’s more about the team and how the team can win the game that day."

Again, Vance sure doesn't sound like a guy who wouldn't want Wade Phillips to be his Defensive Coordinator. In fact, it might be the perfect scenario for Joseph. Getting his first Head Coaching job and having a chance to have someone like Wade Phillips who considers a mentor and friend, and someone who says he grew up under to be his Defensive Coordinator. It also helps that Wade is considered the best Defensive Coordinator in the league and it would also be a popular move in the locker room as well.

If you want Wade Phillips to stick around as the Broncos Defensive Coordinator, you may start rooting for Vance Joseph to get the Broncos Head Coaching job. It's unclear if Kyle Shanahan would keep Wade or not, but I'm willing to bet Vance would keep Wade.