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Kyle Shanahan would be a head coach who schemes to his personnel

Former Denver Broncos offensive lineman, Tyler Polumbus, gives us insight into what kind of head coach Kyle Shanahan would be.

Washington Redskins Training Camp

For many, what we saw lacking the last two seasons was an offense built to the players' strengths and instead had an offense built for players to work within the confines of what Rick Dennison and/or Gary Kubiak had used for two decades, regardless of the personnel.

This strategy won the Denver Broncos three World Championships; however, it’s become clear that something new needs to be done moving forward. As we wipe our tears over losing a beloved and favored Bronco to retirement, we now must look ahead to what could be riding into Denver.

Tyler Polumbus, who played under both Kyle Shanahan and Mike Shanahan, offered his insight recently on what was done for their running game with Robert Griffin III at quarterback.

Well, let me tell you, it took no more than a month for me to be blown away by Kyle’s football acumen. Our offense was different than it was in Denver. Not in terminology, that was all the same, but the running game and our landmarks were drastically different.

Kyle had evolved his own dad’s offense. He had taken it to the next level.

Think about that. Son, coaching for dad, was smart enough to convince a legend to evolve his running game.

Gone were the days of automatically cutting back every running play to the backside. Gone were the days of offensive lineman having to cut on every play on the backside. We were stretching the field from numbers to numbers on every play, and if the running back could keep it play side and bounce it, it was encouraged.

We didn’t throw the ball as often, but when we did our yards per catch ranked at the top of the NFL. Our rushing attack, year-in and year-out, was at the top of the league

The offensive lineman would drool at the first 15 plays handed out on Saturday night meetings because everything was built off the run — including all the passes.

Kyle reinvented our offense entirely for Robert Griffin III. He and Mike had overhauled everything to suit the talents of our quarterback instead of forcing him to fit the mold of their previous offense.

What is even more encouraging is that Kyle is his own man. One who stepped above and beyond what his father was as able to do. This should quicken the pulse of every Broncos fan.

If you follow football, then you know that both RGIII and Matt Ryan have played their best football under Kyle. Forget what Mike Shanahan did, Kyle is his own man. He may be just the man Denver needs to repair its offensive woes.