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Reason #28: TD’s ‘Mile High Salute’

So this isn’t exactly a Hall-of-Fame reason, but it is a Denver Broncos reason - and therefore a Terrell-Davis-to-the-HOF reason. Go ahead “rec” away.

Denver Broncos receiver Ed McCaffrey (L) gives a s Photo credit should read DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images

OK, so admittedly, this isn’t exactly the kind of reason that gets the attention of Hall of Fame voters.

But hear me out anyway.

How often does one player’s touchdown celebration become the entire team’s celebration? And for years after his departure?


(OK, full disclosure, I don’t really know if that’s true, but I don’t care. Even if this isn’t the only time, it’s still the classiest “celebration” out there, hands down).

The fact that TD’s “Mile High Salute” became not just a celebration but a symbol of the Denver Broncos in the 90s points to something much bigger than a classy celebration on the field.

It points to one player being so monumental to his team, his franchise and his city, that the simple gesture of a salute became “a thing.” It represented the heart and soul of a team that celebrated by honoring.

And just like Davis himself, it was more than just “a thing.”

It was everything.

But just in case you need “stats” today, here’s an interesting comparison via “Clompy” (thank you!) proving that we should have been able to give our own Mile High Salute for #TDinHOF a long, long time ago:

Emmitt Smith Career Playoff Stats - 17 games total (first ballot Hall-of-Famer, FYI)

  • 349 Carries
  • 1,586 Yards
  • 4.54 yards per carry
  • 19 TDs
  • 93.3 yards per game

Terrell Davis Career Playoff Stats - 8 games total

  • 204 Carries
  • 1,140 Yards
  • 5.60 yards per carry
  • 12 TDs
  • 142 yards per game