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Reason #27: Terrell Davis and his 32 100-yard rushing games

It may not seem like a Hall-of-Fame worthy number, but when put into perspective, it just makes sense.

NFL: Super Bowl 50-Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

In 1995 Terrell Davis exploded onto the scene in the NFL. From practically ready to give up, to the Denver Broncos starting running back in a matter of a few weeks, Davis eventually became the face of the NFL.

We all know the course of events that led to Davis becoming one of the greatest to ever play the position. Unfortunately, he has yet to be recognized by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Mile High Report has taken on the daunting task of flooding the internet with the reasons why TD deserves a gold jacket. How about this - 32 100-yard rushing performances. That number may look small, but let’s get a little perspective.

In 78 games, Davis was able to reach 100 yards rushing 41 percent of the time. Emmett Smith played in 226 games, rushing for 100 yards or more in 78 games, 35 percent of the time. Walter Payton 40.5 percent, Barry Sanders 48 percent, Eric Dickerson 44 percent.

Here’s some more perspective. Looking only at Davis’s first 4 seasons, in 31 of his 61 games, he rushed for over 100 yards. That is over 50 percent of his games. In his career, Davis, ranks third in average rushing yards per game, behind only Barry Sanders and Jim Brown.

What is the constant in all the names and numbers that keep being listed?

Hall of Famers.

Terrell Davis keeps some pretty lofty company. His 32 100-yard rushing performances don’t break any records. However, 31 of those came in his first 4 seasons. It was a remarkable stretch. One might even say it was Hall-of-Fame worthy.

As the countdown continues to the announcement of the next class of Hall of Famers, Terrell Davis must be included.