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Broncos 16, Raiders 10: Instant Reactions

You can take the Raiders out of Oakland, but you just can’t the stench of Oakland out of the Raiders!

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Thank goodness the Raiders are the Raiders! Or more to the point, thank goodness the Raiders were incapable of capitalizing on the Broncos getting in their own way!

For a game that was so dominant by the Broncos, they sure did hang around forever. The problem is that for some stupid reason, the Broncos coaches decided to call the dogs off on the Offense side in the 2nd Quarter, and on the Defensive side, they called them off halfway through the 4th Quarter.

Why in the F did they do that? Did they feel sorry for these guys once Carr went down? If you’re beating the life out of a team, don’t stop! Simple as that. Keep doing what you’re doing until they completely implode and you’re left standing over their body in victory!


One of these weeks, Siemian has got to do a few things... he’s got to a) be able to actually complete a pass further than 10 yards in front of him. I expect more out of my local high school team, so it’s not like I’m setting the damn bar very high for you Trevor.

He also has to b) stop running backwards away from sacks to only get sacked. And c) you really gotta stop the fumbles. You got lucky your knee touched the ground a fraction of a second before Mack ripped it out. Ball security my man!!! Nothing will make you find the bench faster than turnovers, and I don’t care who’s name is on the back of the jersey.

WOOOO AJ Derby!!! Odell Beckham Jr got nothing on you! And you’re not a cry baby piece of.... WOOOOOO!!!!!

Demaryius Thomas with the alligator arms on the goalie is the difference between this being a rout, and this game being a late game, leaning forward with your butt halfway off the couch nail biter.

Know what 1st quarter stat I got a chuckle out of? 6 to 8... Raiders: 6 plays... Broncos: 8 first downs. hahahahaha

JC, no, not that JC, I’m talking Jamaal Charles, dude has his wheels back, and it’s beautiful to watch! He got his knee hit with a helmet, and he didn’t see much since.

Overall, since halftime, we went prevent offense... and it showed. It’s way too hard to win a game, let alone win a game when you aren’t even trying. Since the first “lets go for it on 4th down but really try to get them to jump offsides” BS nonsense, we were simply in cruise control and it almost bit us. That garbage never works. It hasn’t worked since the mid 90’s. So stop doing it. Hey McCoy, reach down the front of your pants, feel around down there. If you feel 2 lumps, go for it. If you don’t, just bring the punt team on there!


First of all, when the stadium starts rocking, Von Miller comes a knocking! He gets double teamed and held virtually every play, but he can always find a way to make his presence felt late in the game.

The No Fly Zone really lived up to their hype. They simply suffocated the Raiders all game long. It wasn’t until for some ridiculous reason we went into zone coverage that the Raiders were able to find any sort of success through the air. (outside of that huge TD play).

For all of those saying “SEE? We need TJ Ward back”, let me just tell you all this: TJ can’t make that interception that Justin Simmons made to ice the game.

Derek Wolfe and Peko are studs! We are simply dominant on that front line. Last year it was a weakness, this year it’s leading the NFL in rushing yards allowed. First run against us of the season was 21 yards long... since then running backs are averaging 1.5 yards per rush. That is called dominant any way you slice it.

Which makes the “Marshawn Lynch is really gonna test this defense” nonsense even more laughable. Test them how exactly? How to come up with more creative ways to celebrate after stopping your “Least Mode” ass? You should have stayed retired. But alas, you’re from Oakland, so you obviously that means you lacked the fully functional frontal lobe to know any better.

I fully believe the Defense could have pitched a shutout had they not given up that singular play for a TD. But hey, can’t stop them all I suppose. This was still a ridiculously dominant performance, and we are proving once again to tote the best defense in the NFL.


Dammit McManus, you signed your contract, now make a chip shot 29 yard field goal! See what I wrote about expectations from high schoolers above! Seriously, I don't mind you missing 55+ yarders, but 29 yards? Seriously? I swear, if Matt Prater is in the locker room making you drink, you need to “just say no!”

McKenzie, you are a stud! I can feel you breaking one any week now. And once you do, oh man, I have a feeling it’s gonna be like having Trindon Holliday again, just without the fumbles and muffs.

And coaches, its as if you completely forgot about Week 1 and what happens when you try to go Prevent Offense and Prevent Defense to close out the game. It almost burned you against the sad sack Chargers, and it damn near cost you a dominant performance against the Raiders. STOP DOING THAT!!!! Keep your foot on the gas and demoralize your opponent.

Do you want to know why? It’s because as I wrote years and years ago during Manning’s first year on our team, if you let up, you won’t have a killer instinct and teams will always believe they have a shot. And if they believe that, they’ll play like that. We need to steamroll our opponents so they are mentally beaten before they even step off the bus. Doing this will force them to go into games believing they need to take stupid chances to win, and stupid changes against our defense means we’re gonna eat greedy indeed!

Overall it’s a quality win, but a win that was up in the air for far too long. This should have been a 30-0 beat down, instead, it was 16-10. Sooner or later, that will bite us. So I urge our coaches to put the game away and don’t let up until the clock hits 0:00