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Justin Simmons used the bye week to self-scout his play and to prepare for the Giants

Against the depleted New York Giants wide receiver group, the bye week afforded Justin Simmons as the Denver Broncos time to prepare

The Denver Broncos used their bye week to self-scout, which is something Justin Simmons talked in depth about with Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive on Monday. I found the interview to be very interesting.

Simmons elaborated a little in his Monday media sessions, but he really keyed in on some of things he saw in himself that he needs to work on.

“I think it’s pretty well timed,” Simmons said of the bye week. “Obviously, when you’re playing at a high level, you want to one game back and get that win. It came at a great time because I felt like now is a good time to have a lot of self-scout. Defensively, we’ve been playing great. But it always seems like there is that one or two big play that we consistently let up. So now, going back and self-scouting earlier may help us in the long run because we can fix the little details that have hindered us in our defensive schemes and can make us even better as scary as it sounds. I thought it came at a great time.”

The New York Giants pose an interesting opponent and probably a lot more dangerous than their 0-5 record. Simmons and the Broncos secondary used the bye week to prepare for anything and everything the Giants might throw out them since they are now down their top three wide receivers this week.

“There might be a little uncertainty,” Simmons said of the Giants offense. “Like you said, 0-5 with a few guys out, they may try to mix some things up. They also played the first game of the season without Odell. So, there might be some stuff there. All in all, you never know. Obviously, you never know. That’s another great thing about this bye—it’s an opportunity to prepare for everything that we might see. It’s a great opportunity at home to be 4-1.”

This is a matchup, on paper at least, that the Broncos defense should dominate from start to finish. Those are the games that usually worry me the most as a fan.