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Giants fans are just looking for some good football

For our 5 questions series, this week we spoke with Edward Valentine over at Big Blue View about this week’s game against the New York Giants

NFL: Preseason-New York Giants at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

For our 5 questions series, this week we spoke with Edward Valentine over at Big Blue View about this week’s game against the New York Giants

1) First off, let me just say as a football fan, no team outside of the Raiders and the Cowboys deserve the level of bad luck that is hitting the Giants so far this season. Luck aside, if you had to point your finger at one main cause for the Giants starting off so poorly this year, what would it be and why?

When you are 0-5, there really isn't a single main cause. The Giants expected to be a contending team, and it just hasn't worked. You can point to a number of things. There's plenty of blame for coach Ben McAdoo. For GM Jerry Reese for flawed roster construction. Offensive line play. Injuries. Poor tackling. I could go on and on. Let me just say that the Giants are 0-5 because they have earned it.

2) Who is going to be catching passes for the Giants this week and what do they have to do to have some success against the No Fly Zone?

Probably a lot of guys you haven't heard of. The wide receivers likely to be active will be Roger Lewis, Ed Eagan, Tavarres King and Travis Rudolph. I would expect the Giants to try to force feed rookie tight end Evan Engram, the best receiving option they have if Sterling Shepard (ankle) doesn't play.

3) The Giants look to me like a team that does pretty well against the run, but due to lack of offensive production get run on late in games more than most teams. How do you think your front 7 fare against Denver's rushing attack?

The problem for the Giants in run defense isn't really in the front seven, although the absence of DE Olivier Vernon (ankle) hurts. He probably won't play. The problem has been missed tackles in the secondary, turning plays that shouldn't be into explosive plays.

4) Tell us about two largely unknown players that have caught your eye so far in 2017 as guys who are making a positive impact on the field consistently.

That's hard when you are 0-5. I'd say two young players who have done well are rookie defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson and second-year middle linebacker B.J. Goodson.

5) What are your keys to the game and prediction?

In all honesty, the Giants are under-manned and in serious turmoil internally. My key to the game is really what kind of effort the Giants bring. They're a shell-shocked team right now between the record, the injuries and the internal strife. The Broncos are going to win the game. It's a question of whether the Giants will play hard and make them earn it, or go through the motions and embarrass themselves in front of a national audience.