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Broncos-Giants score predictions: Denver should blowout the G-men

There is no reason the Denver Broncos shouldn’t beat the New York Giants by double-digits. Unless they beat themselves... again.

The Denver Broncos enter this week as heavy favorites over the winless New York Giants. It’s the kind of game that makes fans like me a bit nervous as winning in the NFL is always a razor thin affair.

Most of us doing the predicting, however, do not share my apprehension as we’re predicting a combined average score of 28-8, which would be a fairly dominating win.

Here is how we predicted the score individually.

Broncos 23, Giants 17

It seems like every time the Broncos are favored by more than a touchdown, the game is a lot closer than it should be. I still think they will win this game, but it will give us all a nail-biting unpleasant feeling until its over. It would be really nice to see Mike McCoy resolve the red zone issues, so if they do those field goals in my score prediction will turn into touchdowns and the blowout we all think should happen. We shall see. - Tim Lynch

Broncos 42, Giants 9

Only one of these two teams is ready for Primetime, and it isn't the winless Giants. Their Coach has lost the team, the team has lost their best player, and their QB looks like he just doesn't care anymore. Opposite of them are the hungry Broncos out to earn some respect. If our defense doesn't score a shutout, its because the hounds have been called off. If our offense doesn't put up 25+, its because we went prevent mode. Our defense very well might score 14 points, and considering I can't imagine the Giants scoring into double digits, that says something. Von gets his, Talib and CHJ get theirs, and DT actually shows up. - Pete Baron

Broncos 27, Giants 10

I don’t think a blowout is out of the question in the Broncos Sunday night game against the Giants. They are a wounded animal that looks like it needs to be put out of its misery. That being said, nothing about the Broncos current offense screams blowout. This game won’t be close, and the Broncos defense should have no problem carrying the day. However, the offense has a chance to make a statement. Can they go back to the form of the first two weeks, or will Trevor Siemian fall back into old 2016 habits? Look for Denver to work to get Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders involved more, and the run game to control the clock. The scoreboard won’t even come close to indicating how lopsided this game will be. - Adam Malnati

Broncos 19, Giants 10

While I want to believe that the Broncos will obliterate the New York Giants, it's hard for me to overlook the offensive struggles Denver has had ever since the Cowboys game. The Broncos are at home, which bodes well, but I just don't think that it will be the annihilation fans are hoping for. I don't see a shutout as many are hoping, but instead predict an offensive mistake that makes this closer than we'd all like. That said, the Denver Broncos will win this one, 19-10. - Jess Place

Broncos 24, Giants 3

I’ve said all week this game has that feel about it. You can’t explain it, you just know it’s there. The last time the Broncos were in a similar situation, the expectations far exceeded the results. Week Three against the Buffalo Bills was yet more evidence you never know what to expect from the NFL. Even when you face a hot garbage team like the Giants … usually anything and everything happens. For the most recent example of that look no further than Clemson and Syracuse on Friday night. It’s why we all love the wide world of sports. By the way, when you speak of New York that’s an insult to hot garbage.

As Vance Joseph said earlier this week, Denver needs to do more. More in the red zone. More on third down (especially in the fourth quarter). More through the passing game. A more complete game. More domination. If the Broncos do that, the rest will fall into place. - Ian St. Clair

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