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Broncos-Giants final score: Denver’s offense plays vanishing act in 23-10 defeat

The Denver Broncos offense has completely disappeared over the last three games.

NFL: New York Giants at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos defense struggled some against the run for the first time this season, but held the New York Giants to just 13 points. It was the Broncos offense that faltered in this game, with Trevor Siemian being the biggest cause of that.

The three points for the Broncos is laughable(garbage-time touchdown discounted), given Siemian had over 300 yards passing. His pick six and turnovers kept the offense from gaining any momentum. If being great between the 20’s is a thing, it is Siemian’s thing over the last three games.

That has to change.

First Quarter

Things didn’t go according to plan to start for the Broncos. After a three and out to start the game, the Giants marched down the field to put up the first points on the board the Broncos have given up in the first quarter all season.

The three and outs came again for both teams after that. A big catch and run from Trevor Siemian to Emmanuel Sanders did give the Broncos a scoring opportunity, but Brandon McManus would shank the field goal attempt.

Giants 3, Broncos 0.

Second Quarter

The Broncos offense continued their third down and red zone woes int he second quarter. Mike McCoy seemed adverse to running the ball in first and goal situations. Meanwhile, the Giants were able to do both on their big drive in the second quarter to extend their lead to 10.

Demaryius Thomas did get red zone in the quarter, beating Janoris Jenkins for several big catches. Unfortunately, Siemian got a little lazy late in the quarter throwing off his back foot several times. Jenkins made him pay with a pick six late and Siemian would injury his left shoulder on the play.

Giants 17, Broncos 3.

Third Quarter

With very little adjustments, the Broncos offense continued to lumber around and missing their opportunities. The quarter ended with the Broncos having gone 98 game minutes without an offensive touchdown. Even worse, Emmanuel Sanders was injured.

Meanwhile, the Giants extended their lead with another field goal.

Giants 20, Broncos 3.

Fourth Quarter

The Broncos defense continued to do everything they could to keep the game close. Von Miller showed up with a big third down sack on one drive, but the Broncos offense continued to find ways to avoid scoring points.

A huge fourth down pass interference call on the Giants gave the Broncos a first and goal from the seven yard line. The plays later on fourth and goal from the one the Giants stuffed C.J. Anderson at the goalline. Game. Set. Match.

Siemian did lead the Broncos to a garbage-time touchdown late in the quarter, but it had no bearing or threat on the outcome of the game.

Giants 23, Broncos 10.