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MHR Radio: The Denver Broncos failed to capitalize after the bye week

The Denver Broncos looked lost, unprepared, and thoroughly out classed against the Giants on Sunday Night Football.

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It was the most embarrassing game the Broncos have played this season. The Denver Broncos loss to the New York Giants was inexplicable. Everything about the game left Broncos Country scratching their heads. Brandon McManus missed field goals, again. The defensive line gave up big runs. The offensive line couldn’t block.

As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the MHR Radio post game recap, this performance was shameful. The Giants came into Denver winless, rudderless, and in disarray. Without Odell Beckham Jr. and every other receiver, the offense found success on the ground. Without Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Olivier Vernon, the defense still made the Broncos offense look pedestrian.

The big question has to be, how does any team in the NFL come off a bye, play a team like the Giants, and look as bad as Denver did?

Unfortunately, there is plenty of blame to go around in all phases of the game. Trevor Siemian was harassed all night. He could not find a rhythm with his receivers. He never seemed comfortable. He looked bad. The defense seemed unprepared. The special teams play was awful. They were out-coached on all fronts.

This could be the type of game where a coach might throw the game film away. Say the team needs to move on, and not even watch it. But it better not be. The Broncos played with no fire, or passion, and it showed. Somewhere along the way, they seem to have lost their heart. They should be forced to watch this game Clockwork Orange style, on repeat.

After McManus missed his first field goal, the game took on a completely different complexion. The air seemed to go out of the team. You could sense that “here we go again” feeling. And then, all of a sudden, Siemian had 50 passes, and the Broncos were 3-2.

Once again, the story of the game was efficiency. The Broncos lack of 3rd down efficiency (5 of 17) and red zone efficiency (1 of 4, with the 1 coming in garbage time) tell the story. The offense couldn’t run or pass. They couldn’t stay on the field, and at the end of the first half, Siemian had produced more points for the Giants than for the Broncos.

Even at 10-3 in the second quarter, there was a chance. But as soon as Jenoris Jenkins took an ill begotten pass the other way for 6, the game was over. The Broncos offense has lost it’s way. It showed against a bad Giants team.

C.J. Anderson and Jamaal Charles rushed the ball 14 times for 36 yards. No. That will not win games. And when Siemian is asked to throw the ball more than 35 times, it is highly unlikely the Broncos will win.

Demaryius Thomas may have been the lone bright spot on offense, but even he couldn’t escape the game without a mistake. His fumble to start the 4th quarter stopped a drive that had crossed into Giants territory. It was a massive mistake, and effectively ended any shot at a comeback win.

The Broncos now sit at 3-2, and are headed into the most difficult stretch of the season. Three road games in a row, 2 against division rivals, and one against another tough NFC East opponent. If the Broncos continue to play the way they have the last three games, 3-5 may not be that far off.