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Vance Joseph: Broncos offense woes fall on the coaches and players; not just Siemian

Trevor Siemian is getting a lot of the blame, but Vance Joseph is adamant that the blame game rests on the shoulders of the coaches and players.

New York Giants v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

There has been plenty of blood letting in Broncos Country since Sunday after a woeful offensive performance from Denver against a New York Giants team on the ropes. Trevor Siemian threw the ball all day long and could only muster 3-points until the waning minutes of the game.

But it was not his fault. At least according to head coach Vance Joseph.

“It falls on the coaches and the players,” Joseph said of the offense. “Not just Trevor, but everyone. When you have mistaken or negative plays on offense, it usually falls on two or three people. Not just the quarterback.”

Frankly, I put more blame on Mike McCoy for throwing the ball on first down too much and putting Siemian - who is clearly a limited NFL talent - in a poor down and distance on second and third down.

So why didn’t they run the ball more?

Vance Joseph blames the fact they were down three scores for most of the game. Actually, they were not. They only got down three scores, because they kept throwing the ball.

“We were down by three scores most of the game so we were trying to get back in the game,” Joseph said on why the Broncos gave up on the run. “They were loading the box, like we thought they should versus our run game. The pass game was there and we made some plays, but we missed so many.”

From this statement, it certainly appears as though the game plan was to have Siemian air it out. Someone needs to tell Mike McCoy about how that usually turns out for the Broncos. Siemian is 2-7 as a starter when attempting 35 passes or more in a game. If I were McCoy, I’d put all my eggs in the running game regardless.

I’m not McCoy, so we’ll probably see more of the same next week.


How can Mike McCoy fix the offensive woes?

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