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Play of the Week: A dagger of a pick six

Trevor Siemian’s pick six all but sealed the Denver Broncos fate against the New York Giants.

Each week I try to find the one make or break play for the Denver Broncos that really set the tone of the outcome of their game. Unfortunately, this game was put away by the New York Giants on this Janoris Jenkins pick six off Trevor Siemian.

I didn’t think it was a terrible throw at first, but if you watch the replay you can see it from Siemian’s vantage point. It was a ball he should have never thrown and I can’t for the life of me figure out what he was seeing.

The throw looks like another example of Siemian staring down his receiver and his first read and throwing it no matter what the defense is showing. Bennie Fowler was in no position to make a play on that ball ever and Jenkins was breaking on the route before Siemian even decided to throw.

The play itself was the defining moment in a game that was still in doubt until that point. With the Giants up 17-3, it felt like an insurmountable lead and it was.