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Vance Joseph wants Jamaal Charles to get ‘more and more touches’

The problem is, Jamaal Charles is getting fewer and fewer touches with each game.

NFL: New York Giants at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph said the plan was to get Jamaal Charles more touches in games.

“That’s always the plan with Jamaal as we go forward in the season,” Joseph said of Charles. “He’ll get more and more touches. So, yes.”

There is one problem with that statement. Charles has gotten fewer and fewer touches as the season has gone on.

Jamaal Charles game log

Opponent Rush Yards Y/A TD Rec Yards
Opponent Rush Yards Y/A TD Rec Yards
Los Angeles Chargers 10 40 4.00 0 0 0
Dallas Cowboys 9 46 5.11 0 1 6
Buffalo Bills 9 56 6.22 1 1 1
Oakland Raiders 5 33 6.60 0 1 14
New York Giants 5 19 3.80 0 1 2

The Broncos appear to be doing the opposite of what Joseph said the plan has always been. Perhaps the lack of touches is more due to throwing the ball more. Trevor Siemian averaged under 30 passes a game in the Broncos three games and averaged 45 passes a game in their two losses.

These things are easy to see and it is maddening when a guy who is averaging five yards a carry is getting five touches a game. At the very least, throw the ball to Charles in space and let him do Jamaal Charles kind of things.


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