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Garett Bolles wants to be the best tackle ever

The Afternoon Drive interviewed Garett Bolles, who wants more than just being a good rookie.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of the Afternoon Drive interviewed Garett Bolles. Before they have a chance to get to the interview, Shapiro recounts a story about what he saw in the Broncos locker room.

With Shane Ray back at practice, he is going up against Bolles. In the locker room, Bolles approached Ray about some of the moves he used on him in practice. The two of them got into a discussion about ways for Bolles to improve, and moves he should not fall for. It drew Von Miller’s attention, and he joined in on the conversation.

It felt like back when DeMarcus Ware was with the Broncos, and he would spend time with younger players, helping them to understand the game. There is chemistry there. Bolles is looking to become a great tackle in the league.

Shapiro and Goodman asked him about how he views Pro Football Focus giving him the highest rating of any rookie left tackle. He was proud of the accomplishment, but not satisfied with it.

“I’m not trying to be the best rookie, I’m trying to be the best tackle that’s ever played the game.” - Garett Bolles

Bolles is mature for a rookie. His family keeps him grounded. This can only work to help the Broncos as they push to improve their season. Coming off a tough loss to the Giants, it will be important for Bolles and the rest of the offensive line to continue to get better.

Bonus Listen:

Take a listen to hour 2, as Les and Eric interview Nick Ferguson about the state of the Broncos, and talk about Trevor Siemian and his future with the team.