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The Broncos can take over the AFC West with Chiefs loss on Monday Night Football

Broncos Country is full of Redskins fans today.

Kansas City Chiefs v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It’s early in the season to be tracking playoffs notes, but the competition is already hot in the AFC West. But some important things could happen tonight:

First: If the Kansas City Chiefs win, nothing changes. They’ll still lead the AFC West and will still own the #1 seed in the AFC as the conference’s (and NFL’s) only remaining undefeated team.


If the Chiefs lose, they fall to 3-1 and their 1-0 division record loses a tiebreaker to the Denver Broncos’ 2-0 division record.

If that happens, the Broncos take over the top spot in the division and the #2 seed in the AFC playoffs picture.

Why just the #2 seed? Because the first tiebreaker for identical records is head-to-head results, and the Broncos surrender that to the current leaders of the AFC East, the Buffalo Bills. What a strange, wonderful game.

So here’s to seeing some of this after tonight’s game: