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The Broncos defense needs to get some turnovers

The Denver Broncos are not generating enough turnovers on defense, while the offense is generating more than enough.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Through five games, the Denver Broncos have a -5 turnover differential that ranks 28th in the NFL. That number includes just four defensive takeaways - all interceptions and no fumbles. Meanwhile opposing teams have nabbed six interceptions and three fumbles.

Broncos defensive coordinator Joe Woods made the turnover game a focal point this week in practice.

“In terms of the fumbles, we had a turnover circuit yesterday at practice,” Woods said of generating turnovers. “I made a cutup tape of just guys creating takeaways—just different teams throughout the NFL. In terms of the turnovers, the thing for us is we’re doing a lot of things to create matchups for Von and other guys on defense with a lot of different pressure packages, things we’re doing with our stunts and how we’re moving guys around.”

The defense has been mostly stout in important areas like run defense and third downs, but the turnovers would be nice, especially with an offense that is unable to convert down in the red zone.

The lack of turnovers has been due to how teams have played the Broncos defense so far. They are keying on on limiting those turnover opportunities.

“The way that teams are playing us, they’re getting rid of the ball,” said Woods. “We watched all of our third downs. We have guys coming free, the quarterback is taking one hitch and getting rid of the ball. We’re creating a lot of incompletions, but we don’t have a lot of opportunities to make plays on the ball. That’s the negative part. The positive is if you look at third downs, we’re second in the league in third downs. If you look at fourth downs, we’re first in the league. So, we’re getting off the field and we’re doing what we need to do, they’re just not giving us a lot of opportunity to get turnovers in terms of interceptions.”

Fortunately, Philip Rivers and the Los Angeles Chargers are the opponent this week and he does tend to make risky throws. It would be nice to see the Broncos defense make some game-changing plays this week and turn the turnover corner here.