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Broncos-Chargers first quarter update: Denver offense and special teams doing their best to lose

The Denver Broncos offense and special teams is the only reason why the Los Angeles Chargers are leading after one quarter of play.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos lost the opening coin toss and the Los Angeles Chargers predictably wanted to put the ball into Trevor Siemian’s hands first.

Brenden Langley took the ball out of the end zone and danced around to set the Broncos back to their own nine yard line to start the opening drive. The decision to take the ball out of the end zone cost the Broncos 17-yards in field position.

Mike McCoy smartly called runs to open up the first two plays, with C.J. Anderson setting the Broncos up with a manageable third down and four. Siemian backpeddling and chucking it off his back foot lucked out with the Chargers defender never looking back to allow A.J. Derby to make the catch on the floater.

Derby would fumble on the catch and run to give the Chargers the ball on the Broncos 45-yard line. The offense predictably hurting the defense.

Philip Rivers tossed it outside to Hunter Henry who was wide open due to Todd Davis seemingly to forget he had Henry on the play. 34 yards later, the chargers were just outside the ten-yard line.

Two plays later, Darian Stewart was called for a bit of a ticky tack pass interference call to set up the Chargers with a first and goal at the one yard line.

Melvin Gordon would be stuffed for no gain on three consecutive run plays and the Chargers would try to run it a fourth time and the Broncos defense shut him down for no gain for the fourth straight time.

From their own one foot line, the dysfunctional Broncos offense had Broncos Country nervous as hell. Fortunately, Andy Janovich was in the game and he took the inside handoff to give Siemian and the offense a three-yard breathing room.

On second down. Siemian stared down Demaryius Thomas and after a double clutch went ahead and tried to force the ball into double coverage. Fortunately the pass was high and incomplete. With the first read completely covered, Siemian tucked and ran and dove for the first down.

Jamaal Charles got his first touch halfway through the first quarter, catching a quick pass over the middle for Siemian to setup a third and one. Charles would be stuffed on third down after multiple defenders penetrated the offensive line to force a punt.

Travis Benjamin would show Brock Olivo that his special teams unit is not so special as he took the punt 65 yards for the touchdown.

Chargers 7, Broncos 0.

Langley brought the ball out from the end zone yet again, costing the Broncos another 10 yards in field position. Hopefully Olivo told him to kneel in the end zone moving forward.

A quick pass outside to Bennie Fowler opened up the next drive for a short four-yard gain, then after a three yard gain from Anderson a false start penalty pushed the Broncos back again.

On third and eight, Siemian overthrew his intended receiver for another Broncos punt.

Von Miller moved past Karl Mecklenburg in Broncos history with a sack on Rivers to open up the Chargers next drive.

After a short run from Gordon, Rivers on third and 14 would throw to Keenan Allen who was well covered by Bradley Roby.

Thomas snagged a catch on first down and ran it out for a first down for 14 yards. The Chargers defense continued to put eight men in the box and dare Siemian to throw and he does the defense flows to where his eyes are to make the quick tackle even if the pass is completed.

On third and six, Siemian stared down Thomas for a screen pass that was blown up before the throw was even made. Instead of tucking and running, Siemian sidearmed it anyway for a two yard loss.

Broncos punted again for the third straight time in the first quarter.

After another big punt return from Benjamin, the Chargers were setup with good field position at their own 38-yard line. Fortunately, the Chargers would go a quick three and out to end the quarter.