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Broncos 0, zip, zilch, nada, nothing, Chargers 21: Instant Reactions

Enough is enough! It’s time for this disgusting brand of football to stop!

NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not sure I’ve ever been as embarrassed of the Broncos as I am right now. I’ve seen enough. I could have written this after the first 5 minutes of the game and the narrative would be the same: The Denver Broncos are a broken team. The Defense has to shoulder too much of the burden. The offense gets excuse after excuse, and the Special Teams is broken. Our offense is so terrible that the Tebow led, 2 completions in an entire game offense just called... It says we have a piss pore offense.

What does the special teams unit do on opening kickoff? Oh yeah, exactly what I HATE HATE HATE: Run the ball out from deep in the end zone. How did that work out for you? Oh yeah, you cost us 17 yards of F’in field position! You should be cut! I thought we were through with that garbage when Latimer was benched, but nope! And that makes me think its coached, which means Olivio needs to be shown the door. Better yet, shoved in a human sized potato cannon and shot the F out of Dove Valley. Where will he land? I don’t care. Just don’t land anywhere in Colorado.

Oh, and then there’s AJ Derby. Hey, how about you hold onto a ball? Think you can manage that pee wee football maneuver? Or is that too far above your pay grade?

Or or or, how about our special teams punt coverage? I swear, you make Travis Benjamin look like Forrest F*cking Gump playing punt returner. Say what you want about Forrest, but he caught the ball and scored! Just like Benjamin! How? HOW? The legend of Andy Janovich allowed that crap! News flash, not all legends are good!

Here’s a bit of “Pete Truth Rampage” as it’s been coined.... Trevor Siemian SUCKS. There, I’ve said it. ANYBODY, ANYBODY who dares defend his play needs to just go ahead and admit the harsh truth: You are either a) blind, b) stupid, or c) a family/friend of Siemian. That’s it. There is no d) option.

He’s a 7th round pick for a reason. The feel good story MUST END NOW! I don’t care where he came from, what he overcame, or anything of that nature. He is a backup QB AT BEST! No more of this Trevor experiment. He’d rather throw into quadruple coverage to DT on a busted screen pass where he needs to throw side armed than progress past his 1st read.

I swear, this dude might be a nice guy all damn day. So was Tim Tebow. It doesn’t mean he can play the QB position in the NFL. And when he does make a throw, the receiver has to either immediately duck the oncoming hit, or slow down and catch the contested pass that should have been an easy TD, or have the damn CB/S/LB intercept the damn thing because Siemian is an interception machine! And when he’s not throwing picks, he’s fumbling. Way to go Trevor, WAY TO GO!

Again, this experiment needs to stop NOW! Say what you want, argue all you want. ANYBODY who defends this guy is a blind ass Siemian apologist. That’s it. As my boy Luda raps “move b!†ch, get out the way, get out the way, get out the way!” Take that advise Vance Joseph, move Siemian’s worthless ass down the bench!

Know what we’ve accomplished at halftime? An offense that never crossed mid field! Not once! Know how I know we need Siemian to be benched? Because when i see Ingram blow him up, I hoped he wouldn’t get up! That’s how I know he needs to go, because I’m actively rooting for a Broncos player to be like Rocky in Rocky 1 and “down, down, just stay down”

1st half stats: 6 punts, 2 fumbles, 1 dropped interception. WOO HOO! THAT is the QB so many on here defend. THAT is the mediocrity that everyone appears to be rooting for. Pathetic.

What wasn’t pathetic about the 1st half? Two thing... first, our defense. Second, that Arby’s commercial where it said “Thanksgiving, the only holiday where you deep fry your mascot” haha. That made me chuckle. Which is the only thing keeping me from throwing my phone at the TV in disgust.

And now, as my boy Joe says, “I’ve reached my Zen, I’m at peace with this loss.” That’s me right now. I got nothing left. I’m through caring about this game. I’m through caring about our record until this QB changes, and I’m through giving an ounce of emotion to the team for as long as the coaches disrespect the people who pay their paychecks (i.e. the fans) by trotting that third rate QB onto the field.

However, on the other hand, our defense balled out of their minds. Shall I just start naming every defensive player who played and say how great they played? From our secondary to linebackers, to linemen, they stonewalled the Chargers. When their backs were against the walls, they performed. When they were given terrible field position because of our offense, they balled. When they were tired because our offense sucks so badly that they never give the defense a breather, they played their asses off.

Yes, our defense is just as good as they were at this point in 2015. They are amazing. They are the only reason that the Broncos aren’t laughed at like the Browns are. That’s it. Its our defense and defense alone who keeps this team from the laughing stock that they really are. So thank you everyone on defense. I could name you all, but the offense has beaten the “give a $*#t out of me.” Talib, do me a solid and tell anyone on offense to sit down and shut up when they try saying anything.

As we all said at some point today, “Can the offense put up a single point?”, I’m gonna offer up my thoughts on that as well as the odds of us as a playoff team, “I have no confidence in them at all.” And to pound that point home, the Broncos never crossed mid-field the entire game. Not.A.Single.Time!!! Well, until a Langley kickoff return did it. But our offense sure as hell didn’t.

Last time Denver was shutout? 1992. Make that 2017! Time to update the record books for all the wrong reasons! And do you know what? At the 5 minute mark of the 4th quarter, I wanted the shutout. I needed the shutout. The Broncos need this level of embarrassment to force a change. They needed it. They need to be shamed worse than Cersei Lannister in order to bench this worthless sad sack excuse of a QB. They need it like we need Jack Nicholson on the wall! We want him on that wall, we need him on that wall! We needed this shutout. And 23 of the way into Q4, I wanted this shutout. It’s what it will take to change the status quo, because the status quo is disgraceful to every Broncos fan alive!

Want to know how embarrassing this game was? Last offensive possession for the Chargers... Von sacks Rivers. He just sprints off the field. Zero celebration. Why? Because there is nothing to celebrate! Siemian or Miller? Take your side, because Siemian has officially snuffed the fun and desire and eternal flame out of Von Miller’s soul. Take a side, you can’t have both!

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life, its something that Jada taught me when talking smack, and it pertains to the Broncos right here: The truth hurts, but not as badly as the Broncos offense hurt my eyes.