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Exclusive: Von Miller says it’s ‘not time to panic’ yet

In an exclusive interview with MHR, No. 58 says if he can get multiple sacks and create turnovers against KC, he can change the game...and hopefully the Broncos season.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Von Miller waltzed onto the dance floor last year as Prince Charming, sweeping his “Dancing With The Stars” Cinderella off her feet while gliding across the dance floor to Disney’s “A Dream is a Wish.”

It is fitting that that was Miller’s favorite dance in his seven-week run on the hit Hollywood show because 19 months later, it’s his Broncos teammates in desperate need of a Prince Charming to sweep them off their losing streak.

And that’s exactly what Miller intends to do.

“I feel like I can single-handedly change the game. I’ve done it before and I just need another one this week,” Miller told Mile High Report in an exclusive interview Monday, reiterating his post-game comments that difference-makers on the Broncos need to get more difference-making plays to help the offense. “Getting sacks are my job.”

“We are last in turnovers (forced fumbles) in the NFL right now. If we can’t get those, there’s not a lot more our offense can do,” said Miller, adding that “one or two more short fields” for the offense may be all it takes to get the momentum in the Broncos’ favor. “We create more turnovers, we win the game.”

Talking to MHR initially about a partnership between Von’s Vision and Microsoft Surface, Miller refused to blame the offense for the 21-0 thrashing by the Chargers - even if everyone else is.

“My view on things is a little different than other guys in the NFL and even my own teammates, but as a leader on the team, that’s the energy I have, and I hope it rubs off on some of my teammates,” Miller said. “We wouldn’t be having this conversation if we had gotten turnovers.”

That vibe is what Miller is taking into Arrowhead and planning on using to win.

Well, that and the mentality of getting two, three, even four sacks - whatever it takes.

“A lot of guys may not think that way, but I think I can single-handedly change the game,” Miller says with such conviction, it’s impossible not to believe it. “If we can get a win in Kansas City, we can turn this around.”

Facing a 5-2 Chiefs team that leads the AFC West and is third in the league in total offense but has dropped to 29th in defense, Miller isn’t wrong about how he could effect that game by rattling Alex Smith.

For Miller, the mindset to play big is almost as important as the preparation to play big.

And that’s the message he is telling his teammates this week as they head to KC.

“If we don’t think we can win it,” he said, “we aren’t going to win it.”

On the bus ride home from DIA Sunday night, Miller said he was thinking to himself, “What would DeMarcus Ware say right now? What would Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, Ray Lewis say?”

Miller answered his own question by saying he doesn’t believe the time is yet for his “Nobel Peace Prize speech,” but he chuckled at the suggestion for “having one ready just in case.”

“I’ve got faith in our leadership and all my guys here that we can do this,” Miller said. “We’re six games into the season; it’s not time to panic.”

Perhaps not.

But it is time for the team’s Prince Charming to waltz onto the field and have a huge game to save the season.


Can Von be the game-changer for the Broncos this weekend?

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    I don’t know if the defense can do anymore than it has, but I love Von’s attitude.
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  • 28%
    As much as I want it to be true, the defense can’t win these alone.
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