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Broncos-Chiefs preview: Does Denver have any shot?

We don’t think the Broncos do, so we had some fun with our keys to Monday night’s game in Kansas City.

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images

Fans often crave the positive.

Sports is a great reprieve from the drumbeat of negativity that sometimes fills every day life. That might explain why, in some situations, fans ignore the negative about their team and focus on the positive.

But in some cases, it’s a counterproductive, losing cause.

As the Denver Broncos (3-3) begin preparations for Monday Night Football against division rival the Kansas City Chiefs (5-2), this is one of those times.

The Broncos head to Kansas City on the heels of two of the worst losses in team history, after it was shutout for the first time since 1992 by the freaking Los Angeles Chargers. The Chiefs will have had damn near two weeks to prepare after a tough loss to the Oakland Raiders. And let’s not forget the last time the Broncos played in Arrowhead Stadium, a 33-10 flogging on Christmas night.

If Denver couldn’t get a Christmas miracle on Christmas, it won’t get one on Halloween Eve, either. So we had some fun with our keys to the game this week. We may not find the positive, but we will make sure we have fun.

Offensive Rankings

Kansas City: Third in overall offense (392.4 yards), fifth in rushing (129), fifth in passing (263.4) and second in points (29.6).

Denver: 15th in overall offense (338 yards), 15th in rushing (114.5), 15th in passing (223.5) and 24th in points (18).

Defense Rankings

Kansas City: 29th in overall defense (396.3 yards), 25th in rushing (124.6), 28th in passing (271.7) and tied 19th in points (23).

Denver: First in overall defense (258.5 yards), Second in rushing (71.8), sixth in passing (186.7) and ninth in points (19.7).

Here are our keys to Monday night’s game.

Petition the NFL for a time change

The only way the Broncos have a puncher’s chance in this game is to bench Trevor Siemian. Since that won’t happen, as Adam Malnati and I said on the latest MHR Radio Podcast, John Elway needs to petition the NFL to change the kickoff time to noon p.m. central time Sunday and not tell the Chiefs. - Ian St. Clair

Better QB play, plain and simple

If not, Denver will drop below .500 in the middle of the toughest stretch of the season. It's make or break for Siemian. - Scotty Payne

Party time?

Brian Griese ... er, I mean Siemian, throws a "party" at his house and Trevor Pryce ... I mean Derek Wolfe, is there. Siemian limps away from said party injured for slipping in his driveway ... Ten years later, it's officially a cold case as there were no witnesses. Brock Osweiller starts the game until Paxton Lynch is healthy, and then we see if he's any good because this season is a bust. - Pete Baron

Scoring rule changes

The key to this week's game is the Broncos scoring one point for every drive they stop Kansas City from scoring. That's literally the only way I think this team is capable of pulling off a win. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for Denver to win this game, the NFL needs to completely change core components of how football as you know it works. Why? Because our joke of a front office and coaching staff has some nut job idea that "Skittles" Siemian is anything other than a bag of jangly, multicolored candy that is fun to have pop out of your jacket for a bite on game day. - Sadaraine

Defense to the rescue

The lone bright spot for the Broncos this season has been their defense. The unit will have to play lights out against a Kansas City offense filled with players such as Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and rookie sensation Kareem Hunt. We have all been witness to the inept nature of Denver's offense all season long, so it will once again be a major task for the defense to limit the Chiefs’ high-powered offense to make a Broncos' victory even remotely achievable. - Christopher Hart

Scoring defense

The offense just got shut out by a terrible Chargers defense. Not exactly inspiring. If Denver wants to go into Arrowhead and get a win, it will be dependent upon the defense to put points on the board. The Trevor Siemian experiment has led to this inevitable outcome. To win games in the NFL you have to score points. For the Broncos, those points are probably going to have to come from a pick 6 or a strip sack return for a TD. Points will be at a premium, and if the offense can’t do it, the defense will have to. - Adam Malnati

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What are your keys to victory for the Broncos?