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Broncos-Chiefs predictions: Denver will get blown out in Arrowhead on Monday Night Football

Only two Mile High Report staff members predict a Denver Broncos upset victory, while the rest predict a Kansas City Chiefs blowout win.

The Denver Broncos (3-3) are walking into the lion’s den on Monday Night Football to face the Kansas City Chiefs (5-2) and no one really believes they have a shot in this game - not even most Broncos fans.

This over-hyped negative outlook on the Broncos could play right into their hands. The NFL is a game of inches and nothing is more dangerous than a talented team that no one believes in.

Collectively, our staff is predicting a Kansas City beatdown of the one proud Broncos franchise to the tune of 21-10.

Here is how we predicted the outcome individually.

Broncos 30, Chiefs 27

Initially, I was as down in the dumps as everyone else. To the point where I predicted the Broncos would lose 31-10 in our 5 Questions post with Arrowhead Pride. That was before I talked to our own Jeff Essary about Trevor Siemian and what defenses the Chiefs run. That’s when I realized Siemian is in the perfect spot to have a huge game and for the Broncos offense to have a huge game.

The Chiefs offense is also a matchup nightmare for the Broncos defense. The defense struggles to contain tight ends, pass catching running backs, and speedy wide receivers. The Chiefs possess elite talent at all three, so expect a shootout in Arrowhead. - Tim Lynch

Chiefs 20, Broncos 6

The offense didn't rise to the occasion last week when given the chance to seize the lead in the division in the Chargers game, nor the week before when facing a winless and injury wracked Giants team. Why should they do so now? The final score ends up looking at once worse than it really was and every bit as bad as it was. How? The defense plays excellently yet again and limits the Chiefs' usually explosive offense to 13 points. But the offense gives up a score to the Chiefs' defense, plus two more turnovers, and musters only field goals itself. - Taylor Kothe

Chiefs 24, Broncos 0

Both teams going into Monday night are on a downward trend. I think the Cheifs have far too many cards that the Bronos don't, though: better coaching, better skill players (especially at QB), and they are home. KC feels good about themselves again after a big win against their biggest rivals. - Sadaraine

Chiefs 17, Broncos 3

If the Broncos couldn't score against the Chargers, what makes any of us think they'll score against the Chiefs? But even with that being said, how improbable is back to back donuts on the scoreboard? Has that happened in the modern era of NFL? Because of that, I'm giving the Broncos 3 points. But I'm giving the Chiefs more. They have a better QB, better Coach, better everything but Defense. Oh, and they have the super weapon that coincidentally happens to play the position that our defense can't seem to cover... Tight End Travis Kelce. Yeah, this is gonna be ugly. Kelce will score 2 TDs by himself. Hell, he might score more TDs than our team scores points! - Pete Baron

Chiefs 27, Broncos 7

I can’t predict a shutout against the Chiefs on Monday Night Football. The Broncos have to find a way to score, and by the end of the game, they should have no problem snagging a garbage time touchdown. Unfortunately, this means they will be down by a lot heading into the last 5 minutes of the game. The defense has shown up every week, but how long can they sustain the level of play that is required to keep them in it? In Kansas City against arguably the best team in football, coming off a tough division loss is a recipe for continued disaster. The Chiefs could get a couple defensive touchdowns in this game. Let’s call it 27-7 Chiefs, in a squeaker. - Adam Malnati

Chiefs 23, Broncos 7

Part of me really, really wants to predict back-to-back shutouts for Denver, but the defense spoils that by getting a pick-six. So in a sense the Broncos do get shutout for the second week in a row. Denver’s offense is easier to read than a picture book, and the Chiefs have had over a week and a half to prepare for it. The last time a Siemian-led offense went into Arrowhead Stadium it got manhandled 33-10 on Christmas night. The only question at this point: How ugly will it get? - Ian St. Clair

Broncos 23, Chiefs 13

The last time Denver beat the Chiefs was Week 2 of 2015 in Arrowhead, a game I attended. I'll be in attendance Monday night, so hopefully the luck will swing back our way.

In all seriousness, every division game is big and any game against KC is a must-win with them at the top of the division, but I feel like this game could potentially be Denver's season, or as close to a must-win game as you can get in Week 8.

If Denver can't come out hyped up and pissed off after the embarrassments of the last two weeks and slumps into a 3-game losing streak BEFORE taking on the other two top teams in the league, with the Eagles on the road and the Patriots, then stick a fork in them. You don't come back from that.

There's a lot of angles to take and ways this game could go, but there's really only two ways to respond to the two weeks Denver's had: roll over and die, like we saw last year, or come out pissed off and ready to play the game of your lives, because that's what it will take Monday night.

I imagine we'll know by the end of the 1st Quarter which one of those Denver chose to go with. - Jeff Essary

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