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Chris Harris Jr. is not holding back: ‘I’m tired of losing the same way.’

The defense can’t win the game by itself and they are getting sick of carrying the load.

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images

Vance Joseph said he needs to look at the film.

Trevor Siemian noted bad decisions.

Von Miller once again put the onus on himself for not getting game-changing sacks.

But Chris Harris Jr. kept it real.

“I’m tired of losing,” said the cornerback. “I’m tired of losing the same way every game. We’re not giving ourselves a chance to win.”

In other words, the offense is not holding up its end of the bargain here. And Harris Jr. didn’t feel like sugarcoating the tension that it is causing either.

“There’s high tension. We’re not winning. We’re not taking care of the football. We’re giving the games away,” he said. “We had some crucial chances to make a stop to give us a chance. We got back on the turnovers, which was a positive. Other than that, it was an ugly game.”

If the defense was only muttering its frustration behind-the-scenes last week after an ugly loss to division rival L.A. Chargers, Harris Jr. and some teammates were bringing it front-and-center Monday after a possibly uglier loss to Kansas City.

The defense did about as much as it could, holding rookie running back phenom Kareem Hunt to just 46 rushing yards and triple-threat Tyreek Hill to 38 passing yards. But five turnovers by the offense, including a fumble-return-for-TD within the first five minutes of the game, did not help.

“It’s hard. We spotted them seven. We do things to where they get on the board first in ways other than scoring on defense,” Harris Jr. said, pointing a subtle-yet-obvious finger at the offense.

Reiterating a frustration from last week, Harris Jr. once again pointed out that opposing quarterbacks aren’t picking on the No Fly Zone, preventing them from making the big plays.

“I tried to make plays. I tried to do whatever I can to get turnovers,” he said. “But Alex doesn’t try us too much. He just goes to the tight end most of the time. It’s hard to make plays.”

The “tight end” - aka Travis Kelce - also took big advantage of the Broncos’ zone defense, getting 133 yards on the night.

After giving up one touchdown to Kelce midway through the first quarter, the defense tightened up and didn’t allow another TD by the Chiefs, despite being holed up inside its own 10 twice and its own 25 two more times.

Unfortunately, the Broncos’ offense could not match that effort with its own scoring - even with 177 rushing yards from a trio of backs to help the QB - coming away with 10 fewer points than the Chiefs.

“We’ve got to score some points. We’ve got to get some crucial stops when we can,” Harris Jr. said, noting that the defense was able to keep the Chiefs’ scoring in check despite the turnovers. “We got back on the turnovers. We can’t win if we can’t score.”