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Broncos seasons stats after first quarter of the season

Here are some interesting stats from the Denver Broncos after the first quarter of the season.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos are 3-1 and heading into their bye week, so I thought it would be fun to review some of the more interesting stats and maybe even project potential season totals based on their current pace.

On defense...

Rush: 84 attempts for 203 yards for 0 touchdowns. On pace for 336 attempts for 812 yards.

That would be the most ridiculous stat of the day, so I had to lead with it.

Pass: 93/144 for 64.6% for 840 yards and a whooping 8 touchdowns.

No “on pace” stats here. I expect the No Fly Zone to clean this crap up.

3rd Downs: 14/54. Fourteen for Fifty-Four. Enough said.

On offense...

Rush: 130 attempts for 572 yards and 3 touchdowns. On pace for 520 attempts for 2,288 yards and 12 touchdowns.

The 4.4 yards per carry is a significant improvement over last season when they finished with a paltry 1,484 yards rushing and just a 3.6 yards per carry average.

3rd Downs: 28/60.

That 3-1 record can be explained in large part to the third down numbers on both offense and defense. The defense is getting off the field, while the offense is extending their drives. That is a winning formula.


Trevor Siemian: 76/126 for 888 yards and a 62.7% completion rate. He has seven touchdown passes to four interceptions. That puts him on pace for 3,552 yards, 28 touchdowns to 16 interceptions. A remarkably similar stat line to 2016, but with a couple more starts included this year.

C.J. Anderson: Leads the team with 73 rush attempts for 330 yards and a touchdown. That puts him on pace for 292 attempts for 1,320 yards and four touchdowns on the season.

Demaryius Thomas: 18 catches for 247 yards and zero touchdowns. The touchdowns will come, but he is currently on pace for just 72 catches for 988 yards.

Emmanuel Sanders: 20 catches for 190 yards and two touchdowns. That puts Sanders on pace for a troubling 80 catches for 760 yards.

How is this offense not feeding the ball to their playmakers?

Von Miller: With four sacks on the season, Miller is on pace to be near the lead league with 16 sacks on the season. If he wants that Defensive Player of the Year, he will need to fight through his triple teams for more sacks.

Some good and some bad here, but the Broncos are 3-1 and winning is really all that it comes down to. The stats are like the fluff for us fans to get excited about.