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Broncos-Eagles odds: Denver eight point underdogs to Philadelphia

The Denver Broncos are even bigger underdogs this week to the Philadelphia Eagles.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos (3-4) will hit the road this week to face the Philadelphia Eagles (7-1) and with a quarterback change looming, the spread on this game is growing with each passing day.

With the spread having opened at a touchdown, it has now moved to eight and in some places nine points in favor of the Eagles. And frankly, with the way the offense has played that is probably still generous in the Broncos favor.

The Broncos have scored over 20 points just twice in seven games this season, while the Eagles have scored over 20 points in every single one of their games this season. No matter how you slice it, the Broncos are going to have their hands full this weekend.

I like to look at yards per stats when teams face each other. Those tend to tell you how good or how bad an offense or defense is.

On offense, the Eagles have the 12th best overall offense averaging 5.6 yards per play, while the Broncos are 20th at 5.1 yards per play. On defense, the Broncos are the best team in the league surrendering just 4.5 yards per play, while the Eagles are 19th at 5.3 yards per play.

When running the ball, the Broncos rank 6th overall at 4.4 yards per carry and the Eagles 10th at 4.2 yards per carry. When passing it, the Eagles rank 8th at 7.8 yards per pass and the Broncos 24th at 6.7 yards per pass. When defending the run, the Broncos rank 2nd overall giving up 3.0 yards per carry and the Eagles 8th at 3.8 yards per carry. Against the pass, the Broncos are 5th at 6.4 yards per pass and the Eagles 12th at 6.8 yards per pass.

On these matchup statistics, the teams seem a bit more evenly matched in many areas than one would expect. The big difference comes from the passing game, which is where the Eagles have excelled and the Broncos languished.