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Broncos-Patriots second quarter update: Season slips away from Denver

The Denver Broncos special teams unit was not done giving the New England Patriots points and that’s the ball game.

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The New England Patriots were looking to add another touchdown to their score on a long drive. Todd Davis opened things up with a pass interference call in the end zone to setup a first and goal at the one.

The Denver Broncos special teams spotted the first two touchdowns, but the defense was not about to give one up on that drive. After stuffing the run on first down and breaking up the pass on second down, Tom Brady was brought down by a blitz from Justin Simmons for the first sack of the game to force a field goal.

Patriots 17, Broncos 6.

After a short pass to C.J. Anderson and a short run from Anderson, Brock Osweiler was faced with a third down and six. He would throw it away after being flushed out of the pocket, but a penalty on the Patriots would extend the drive with a new set of downs.

Two unsuccessful run attempts later, Osweiler was again faced with a third and long - this time eight. He would overthrow Thomas deep who was well covered anyway to end the drive.

The Broncos special teams comes up big again with a blocked punt to give the Patriots the ball at the Broncos 30-yard line. Brady would throw it outside for a quick 11-yard gain on first down and nearly connect with Rob Gronkowski for a touchdown on the next play. It was maybe incomplete.

The Patriots called a timeout and then decided to challenge the call. It looked like a catch, but there was no way the referee could overturn the call on the field.

A quick completion to Danny Amendola, Brady was faced with a third and four at the Broncos fourteen yard line. A quick inside handoff to James White was just short of the sticks to setup a fourth and inches.

This time the Patriots would kick the field goal.

Patriots 20, Broncos 6.

As Broncos fans cringed with every special teams play, a sigh of relief came after Devontae Booker was pushed out at the 18 on the Broncos next kickoff return.

Booker stayed in the game and took hand offs on the first two plays of the series, gaining nine-yards. On third and one, he hit Emmanuel Sanders who made an incredible move to get open for a 20+ yard gain to get the Broncos out past midfield.

That was Sanders fourth catch of the game for 104 yards.

C.J. Anderson took over from there with two runs for eleven yards and another first down for the Broncos. A third straight carry ripped off another seven yards for Anderson.

On second and four, Booker was stood up for a short one yard gain. Osweiler would look to Sanders again who would catch the ball in tight coverage again for the first down.

Booker would take the first down handoff for three yards, then Osweiler went deep into the end zone to Sanders, but was overthrown. On third and seven, Osweiler hit A.J. Derby well short of the first down marker and another field goal attempt.

Patriots 20, Broncos 9.

With just over two minutes to go, the Patriots ripped off two runs that netted a first down at their own 38-yard line. After another seven yard run, Brady hit Brandin Cooks for a first down across midfield. Two more runs and a first down later, the Patriots moved into field goal range.

A few plays later Brady hit Gronk down the seam for a first down at the Broncos 11-yard line.

Von Miller pressured Brady on the next play to force a throw away. On second down. Brady hit the guy the Broncos - for some reason - put Miller on in coverage for the touchdown.

Patriots 27, Broncos 9.