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Domata Peko reveals communication among defense is ‘bad’

Every player needs to look in the mirror and ‘do his f**king job’

NFL: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Domata Peko dropped F-bomb after F-bomb while discussing the state of the Broncos with The Afternoon Drive on Monday.

“After five in a row, it kinda feels like a deja vu. ‘WTF, we just did this last week, like same kind of shit,” he said. “Coaches were pushing upon us today that it starts in practice. If we’re getting the wrong call, then stop the fucking period and say ‘hey, we need the right fucking call.’ That’s where it’s gotta get fixed. We’ve got to get it fixed in practice.”

It wasn’t mean-spirited - but it was very telling.

Noting that the Broncos haven’t played a complete game all year - with the offense, defense and special teams each taking turns lighting the dumpster fire that has been the last five games - Peko said the No. 1 problem is bad communication on the field.

“We’ve got to get on the right page with everybody, so everyone on defense is playing the right defense - where we don’t have the front half playing this defense and the back half doing another defense. We can’t do that,” Peko said. “We’re going to get it right or we ain’t gonna to win no games.”

Peko has an idea for getting out of that slump - get back to the basics.

“You’ve got to get back to the foundation of things - technique, details - we’ve got to get back to that,” he said, adding that now isn’t the time to point fingers but rather look in the mirror. “If we just get one win under us, it will ignite that fire and get us back on track.”

The former Bengals defensive lineman also acknowledged that the Broncos defense is “stacked” with talent and has no excuse for not being able to dominate opponents.

“Losing brings frustration,” Peko said. “Everyone has a chip on shoulder trying to get a win and guys tend to do stuff out of character, trying to do a little extra to get off block and make a play - but then you leave your gap. ...That’s why we’ve got to get back to the basics, you’ve just got to do your fucking job. It’s guys trying to do too much instead of their job. If trying to do too much, that’s when you find holes in the defense.”


Do you think the Broncos can break out of this losing cycle?

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