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How many great practices have the Broncos had?

The Afternoon Drive is tired of the same old issues that are popping up with the Denver Broncos

NFL: Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro started off their first hour trying to determine what is the problem with the Denver Broncos.

There are several issues, but they kept coming back to the problem of coaching. While Denver seems to be struggling in all phases, the story out of the coaches mouths is that they are having great practices.

Are they? The coach speak gets old when a team loses five in a row. It looks like the players are trying to do too much. Goodman brings up a good point about players trying to make too much happen at the wrong time.

Isaiah McKenzie is too worried about making a big return, so he forgets to catch the ball. Trevor Siemian wants to put points on the board, so he throws across the field, which he knows not to do.

The little things go a long way to winning games. The coaches are struggling with putting together a successful game plan, but it is still on the players to execute. In a season where everything seems to be going wrong, this is just another log on the fire. The question is, can the Denver Broncos right the ship, or is the ship sinking too fast?



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    Sinking way too fast
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