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Report: Broncos frustrated with Mike McCoy’s offensive scheme

Mike McCoy’s job may be on the line.

New York Giants v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, there is frustration in the Broncos building over how complicated offensive coordinator’s Mike McCoy’s offense has been this season.

Per Rapoport, the playbook at times has had more plays in it than it did when Peyton Manning was in Denver. Keep in mind his playbooks were notoriously big and a process to learn, so having one bigger than that is a bit of an achievement.

Mostly, the dissatisfaction comes from the offensive playbook being unwieldy. Elway has always believed in execution over everything -- simple and fast -- rather than focusing on trying to out-scheme the opponent. The belief is the offense has contained too much this year. At times, the playbook has featured more plays than even when Peyton Manning was under center in Denver, except this version of the Broncos has inexperienced QBs.

This has become an issue because the offense has looked completely lost and ineffective for the most part in 2017. So the thought is if they make the playbook less complicated that the results will be better. If they do not? Rapoport states that there will be some changes made to the Broncos offensive staff but not to Vance Joseph who Elway gave a vote of confidence to this past week.

Is it a coincidence that this “dumbing down” of the playbook is coming on the heels of former first-round pick Paxton Lynch getting healthy and getting closer to playing/starting? Who knows.

It sounds like the Broncos offensive coaches will be fighting for their jobs in the coming weeks. Back when this offensive staff was hired it was praised as the best thing Vance Joseph could do this past offseason. Unfortunately, things that look great on paper do not always pan out as you hoped they would.