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Broncos finally, fully embraced the tank in season-ending loss to the Bengals

Now it’s time to take it a step further: John Elway should fire Vance Joseph and get ready for a clean slate in 2018.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports


There were some moments you thought the Denver Broncos would find a way to screw that up, especially at the end of the game, but right on cue they finally came around and gave Broncos Country reason to cheer with a 20-17 loss. That’s quite the difference from two seasons ago when you paced and fought over close games to turn out in Denver’s favor.

Make no mistake about it: A win on Sunday against the dreadful Cincinnati Bengals would have been a catastrophic disaster. The Broncos (3-7) need to ensure they get the best selection they can in the NFL Draft, and they now hold the tie breaker over Cincinnati and New York Giants. By the way if the Giants get another win, Denver could select in the top three. Now there’s a reason to celebrate.

And give this to the Broncos, when they go for history in 2017 they go all out. They got shutout for the first time in 25 years, and just lost to a team at home for the first time since 1975. Think about that: The last time Denver lost to the Bengals (4-6) at Mile High Stadium, Paul Brown was their coach and their uniforms looked like the Cleveland Browns. Oh, and because of Sunday’s loss, the Broncos have now lost six straight games for the first time since 1990.

Denver fans always expect history when their team plays, but this takes the cake.

It’s beyond evident what John Elway has in place right now is a failure and does not/will not work. It’s evident his attempts to motivate the Broncos were feeble at best and it needs to get blown up.

Time to take it a step farther than even “blowing it up:” Vance Joseph should never coach a game for this team again. He has no clue what he’s doing on the sidelines, in the meeting room or on the practice field, despite these great sessions we’ve heard so much about the last six weeks. Joseph is now a meme who is mocked and ridiculed for being wholly incompetent (see the tweet below). As one fan pointed out on Twitter, the Broncos should open the practices up to the public, free of charge, and let the fans see good football during the week given they shit the bed when the games come around.

Of course this needed move won’t happen because Joseph is Elway’s “yes man,” and that’s exactly what Elway wanted in his replacement for Gary Kubiak. He didn’t want a coach to think for himself or challenge him. Just to nod in agreement and serve as a mouthpiece.

But another year and more experience is a moot point for this organization. It won’t get better under Joseph, despite how much hope the franchise has. There was a time this organization was run on more than hope and wishes. It’s time to get back to that by admitting your mistake, firing Joseph and moving on. Denver needs a clean slate for 2018.

It’s time for the Broncos to finally and fully #EmbraceTheTank.