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Brock Osweiler will earn nearly $1M to start against Eagles; most of it from Browns

The Denver Broncos got a good deal. The Cleveland Browns haven’t yet won a game in 2017.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

With Brock Osweiler coming full circle from 2015 and being named the starter for the Denver Broncos, it is important to note that he will earn nearly $1M for his upcoming game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cleveland Browns will pick up $895,588 of the tab for the Broncos.

This is all part of the unusual trade the Houston Texans made this offseason with the Browns which saw the Texans offload Osweiler’s hefty contract and a second-round pick to the Browns.

That $16M price is now being paid in full to Osweiler via Cleveland one game at a time. When the Broncos signed Osweiler for a league minimum of $775,000, the Browns got a minor discount on that trade.

So remember, for every win the Broncos get with Osweiler under center is a win the Browns could have potentially have had and instead are paying the Broncos to have.

It’s an interesting season. Just two months ago, Broncos fans overwhelmingly voted against the idea of bringing Osweiler back to Denver. And just yesterday, overwhelmingly wanted him to start.

What fans really want is a win.