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Ronald Leary says Mike McCoy fell on the sword for teams poor execution

Ronald Leary was hesitant to place any blame on Mike McCoy.

With the Denver Broncos firing offensive coordinator Mike McCoy on Monday, the shockwaves of that decision would easily be the biggest news story of the day. Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of The Afternoon Drive discussed the fallout with offensive guard Ronald Leary.

Leary wasn’t keen on placing any blame on McCoy and even noted that he fell on the sword for their poor play. Shapiro went on quite a good rant after the interview that I felt was about as spot on as it could get for how playcalling and scheming could very well be the reason why McCoy was fired.

Bonus Listen

Eric and Les break down the fallout of the Broncos firing of McCoy. This might be a good move by Vance Joseph given all of the information now coming out.