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Brandon Marshall gives Vance Joseph a vote of confidence

The Denver Broncos are sticking with Vance Joseph as they should with a first-year head coach.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Any time there is a major shakeup during the season as there was on Monday with Vance Joseph and the Denver Broncos firing offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, people on the outside will start wondering if more firings are to follow.

A first-year head coach like Joseph isn’t likely going to have a lot of time to get the ship right and some positive football out of his players. And if you think he has lost the locker room, you would be sorely mistaken. The players are as frustrated as the head coach about the losing streak and want to get back on track for Joseph.

“We respect Vance whole heartedly,” Linebacker Brandon Marshall said of Joseph on Monday. “We talk about it all the time. Vance is a great guy and a great coach. He’s actually a really good coach. This 3-7 record is kind of masked what type of coach he is. He’s a good coach. A lot of guys respect him and a lot of guys really enjoy him as our coach. He keeps it real and he tells us the truth. We play good in spurts, but we just haven’t put together a complete game. It’s tough because ultimately everything as a head coach it falls back on him unfortunately. We know—I at least know what type of coach he is, how much he cares and how detailed he is. It’s just sad because we’re not getting it done for him.”

Having blogged through the Josh McDaniels debacle, this isn’t the kind of statement you get from players who no longer believe in their head coaches message. This was no canned response. This was an honest response.

The players know they are not getting it done and see that their play isn’t on the coaching staff, but on themselves. They need to put a better product on the field and get some wins down the stretch.

“It’s tough because we know ultimately it falls back on him and we’re not getting it done for him, which is the saddest thing to me,” Marshall said of how the losing streak reflects on Joseph. “He’s a first-year head coach at a tough organization and a winning organization that doesn’t have a lot of patience. This organization doesn’t have a lot of patience. I want to get it done for him and I know everybody else wants to get it done for him.”

Marshall felt the need to repeat the thought about the Broncos not having a lot of patience. That remark is completely directed at John Elway and it is a fair assessment. Elway wants to win every year, but sometimes patience with your employees is necessary to get things back on track. Hopefully Elway understands this and exercises some restraint come January.