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Broncos just need to win to overcome frustration

According to Von Miller, the remedy to the mounting frustration is to just go out there and win.

New England Patriots v Denver Bronco Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The six-game losing streak is turning the locker room into a pressure cooker. The multiple fights and emotions that ran high during practice on Thanksgiving Day is proof of that.

Von Miller is trying to be the calm in the storm, but he can only do so much as the losses mount.

“We want to win,” Miller said on Friday. “Whenever you’re not winning, it’s tough and there’s a little frustration there. Same group of guys, same high-character guys that we’ve always had in the locker room.”

When those kind of guys are using to winning, it makes sense that the frustration will mount and boil over. The Denver Broncos now have one of the longest losing streaks in the NFL and they are not a team like the Cleveland Browns that is used to that losing feeling.

They have to find a way to overcome it.

“You just have to win,” Miller said of how to overcome the frustration. “That’s the only thing. You have to go out there and win. You play for our stuff. Just because we don’t win [doesn’t] mean that you just shut it down. Every individual is out there playing for something. If you can go there and play for that, you can go out there and play selfishly for whatever it is, that will help the team out. We just have to go out there and play. We have to go out there and win. Get this thing rolling.”

If the Broncos lose this next game, we could see the wheels really come off this team. You think it’s bad now...

Vance Joseph could have his coaching future determined within the next 48 hours. He may survive the season, but if the Broncos continue to come unraveled with a loss on the road to the Oakland Raiders he won’t make it much further than that.

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