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Broncos defense will continue to play with passion

The Afternoon Drive discussed whether or not the offensive struggles were hurting the defense.

The Afternoon Drive tried to determine whether or not the poor play on the offensive side of the football has negatively impacted the defense. Les Shapiro asked Von Miller about a quote from Jimmy Johnson about that during the Denver Broncos press conference. He and Eric Goodman discussed the answer.

For Miller, the answer was simple. He wants to focus on his job, and not worry about what the other side of the team is doing.

I like to put the weight on my shoulders, we can play better defense, get some turnovers, we can get the offense back the ball and we’ll be able to win.

What else would you expect Von Miller to say. Of course he isn’t going to blame the offense. The defense must stay focused on their side of the ball, but the fact remains, when the offense struggles, it has a negative affect on the defense.

Since 2015, when the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl, the defense has been carrying the team. The offense has struggled to find an identity. The defense has been the glue that held the team together. Still, with all of the issues, it was inevitable they would eventually crack. Even with their struggles, the defense is still a top 5 unit, and gives the Broncos a chance to win every week.

While many in Broncos Country are embracing the tank, or at least accepting the rebuild, the Broncos defense is not. They will continue to do their job, put the team in a position to win, and play with pride. No matter how you feel about Denver’s season, you can be proud of that.