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Brock Osweiler has full command of the Broncos playbook

Vance Joseph assures that Brock Osweiler knows the playbook and nothing was scaled back for him against Philadelphia Eagles.

NFL: New York Giants at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos only signed Brock Osweiler to the roster two months ago and while that would be a bit of a concern in most cases, that isn’t the case here. Osweiler knows Mike McCoy and has played for him. He has chemistry with the players on offense from the teams Super Bowl run in 2015.

Questions about whether or not Osweiler knew the playbook enough to compete was put to rest by head coach Vance Joseph on Friday.

“We don’t have to,” Josephh said when asked if the gameplan was scaled down for Osweiler. “Again, each week, it’s a different gameplan. We have a playbook, but we never go into the game with the entire playbook. It’s always parts of the playbook that attack that defense that we’re playing that week. Our gameplan is a normal gameplan for Brock. He’s a veteran player. He’s a smart player. He studies hard. It was no need to pare it down for him.”

Osweiler sounds like a man on fire this week. He knows this is his chance at redemption and is taking control of his own fate. If he can translate that confidence into offensive production and maybe even a win, he could begin to revive his NFL career.

“Brock is a pros-pro,” Joseph said of how Osweiler has carried himself this week. “He’s a smart guy. He has great leadership skills. He’s been in this offense before, so I was impressed with Brock and how he took to being a leader. That’s a tough deal when you’re the backup becoming a starter to have to walk in a meeting and become vocal with guys. But again, he’s been here before. He’s been with D.T. He’s been with Emmanuel. He’s been with Matt Paradis. It was a great fit for us, for our football team and for Brock.”

We’re going to get the best from Osweiler on Sunday, but his best could be a year-long form of rust that he’ll need to shake off. The only way he can prepare for that is to make the big plays that Trevor Siemian had been missing.