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Broncos-Eagles third quarter update: Philadelphia putting on a show against Denver

The Denver Broncos are getting spanked by the Philadelphia Eagles as the fourth quarter begins.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles received the ball to open the second half and picked up right where they led off with a 28-yard run, but part of the play was negated by a holding call. The Denver Broncos still gave up a 18-yard gain on the play.

From there, the Eagles just began running it down the Broncos throat with another big first down run from LaGarrette Blount for nine yards, which he followed up with a short run to setup a third and inches that Carson Wentz took for himself for the first down sneak.

They quickly got into field goal range with another big chunk play on a pass to Alshon Jeffery. From the Broncos 22, Blount rushed through for another first down and a red zone opportunity for the Eagles.

From the Broncos four, the Eagles were faced with a fourth down and went for it. The pass was completed right at the sticks for what looked like a first down. On first and goal from the 2, the Eagles would punch it in on an option run from Corey Clement.

Eagles 38, Broncos 9.

At this point, the Broncos had been outscored in their last four games 111-38. The Broncos offense responded to the possible blowout by promptly going three and out on their next drive.

The Eagles should have focused on running the clock out from there.

With 158 rushing yards, the Eagles were completely dominating the Broncos in this game. However, they threw the ball on first and second down and on third and ten, Carson Wentz finally got sacked in this game with Brandon Marshall chasing him down to end the drive.

Meanwhile, the Broncos refused to give up on the run with a one yard loss on first down and then Brock Osweiler chuck it up deep 40+ yards and it was picked off and returned to the Broncos 10 yard line.

Three plays later, touchdown Eagles to Alshon Jeffrey.

Eagles 44, Broncos 9.

The Broncos smartly keep the ball on the ground from here on out. Just get this game to 0:00 as soon as possible.