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Von Miller: ‘We still have an opportunity’

There is no singing fat lady for the Denver Broncos as far as Von Miller is concerned.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The mood around the Denver Broncos is obviously souring with each passing loss, but Von Miller is doing everything he can to right the ship. That job is becoming increasingly difficult after being blown out on the road.

“I told them the same message that I gave you guys, yes it looks bad, it’s terrible, 51 points and all that stuff, but we still have an opportunity,” Miller said to the team. “History has shown that especially in the National Football League, with the type of record that we have, we can still turn this around, we still have time to change this. If this was Week 14 or 15, then it would be a different story, but we still have an opportunity and that’s all I really need to go to work and put my neck on the line for my brothers.”

The problem is that winning makes everything fun and right now nothing about being a player for the Denver Broncos is fun. As the losses pile up, frustration and sloppy play is becoming more of a problem.

Miller had a lot to say about the process in his post-game media interview.

“The process is for wins and at the end of the day that’s all that matters,” Miller said. “It’s a lot of positive stuff in between that from the culture in the locker room, the coaches that we have, and all the other things that are positive with our organization, we have a lot of great stuff but we’re just losing right now. The process has been working, just not for wins. It’s a two-sided question right there, because everything in the NFL is for wins. But the process has been working for us in other areas, I can’t even start to list some things that are going great for us but, wins are not. Playing Bronco football, playing the type of football that we’re used to that’s not working for us right now. I still trust the process and like I said we still have an opportunity to go out there and be great. I have a great head coach, I have great leadership, and I have great teammates around me. I know what it looks like but I have a great opportunity to go out there and be great and that’s the story of my life. Don’t really pay attention to the odds and just go.”

Normally, we pare down really long quotes, but I felt it was too important to do that. A team is only as good as its leadership on the field and Von Miller is the best player and the teams biggest leader on the field. For him to come out after a game like this one and back up the mantra and attitude the coaching staff is trying to maintain speaks volumes for Miller as a person and a leader.

For a team like the Broncos that is used to winning and competing, they could easily fall into the trap of pointing fingers and revolting against coaches. All the kinds of systematic issues that plague other franchises. Instead, you have your best player coming out with a message of unity and focus.

The winning will return to Denver if this group continues to go into battle as a unified group. Hopefully soon, though. Not sure this fan base can take much more losing... we’ve become a spoiled bunch.