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Broncos-Patriots preview: How Denver can pull off the massive upset

The MHR staff explores some creative ways for the Broncos to end their four-game losing streak on Sunday.

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

You know you’re in for a long week when Bill Belichick trolls you.

The master of no emotion, save for anger, showed he does have a sense of humor when he trolled the Denver Broncos in his Monday news conference. It was then the New England Patriots head coach said this about the Broncos:

“Offensively, they’re very explosive.”

What makes this even better is the media in New England weren’t sure if Belichick’s troll was on purpose or accident. Either way, it’s a hilarious way to kick off a week that finishes with Denver having no shot whatsoever. Just don’t tell that to Vance Joseph or the Broncos, who still think they have a shot at the AFC West title. No really.

Denver (3-5) heads into Sunday Night Football drowning in a four-game losing streak while the Patriots (6-2) do so after their bye week. The Broncos have about as much of a chance in this game as they do having their offense suddenly becoming “explosive.”

Offensive Rankings

New England: First in overall offense (411.1 yards), 16th in rushing (109), first in passing (302.1) and seventh in points (27).

Denver: Eighteenth in overall offense (327.3 yards), 14th in rushing (112.4), 19th in passing (214.9) and tied for 22nd in points (18.8).

Defense Rankings

New England: Thirty-second in overall defense (417 yards), 25th in rushing (121.5), 32nd in passing (295.5) and tied for 16th in points (22.4).

Denver: First in overall defense (280.8 yards), fifth in rushing (88.4), fourth in passing (192.4) and tied for 25th in points (24.8).

Since the Broncos have no chance at ending their four-game losing streak on Sunday night, we tried to have some fun with our keys to the game.

Run the wildcat the whole game

A few weeks ago Adam Malnati pitched this idea on the MHR Radio Podcast, and on the most recent episode I brought it back. It’s clear to everyone but the people at Dove Valley that none of the quarterbacks “give you the best chance to win,” so just direct snap it to Jamaal Charles, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Aqib Talib and Von Miller. “The best chance to win” phrase is the prevent defense of NFL cliches: When you have to say that, you’re guaranteed to never win. So Vance Joseph and Mike McCoy need to show some creativity and actually give the Broncos the best chance to win by not playing Brock Osweiler or Trevor Siemian. - Ian St. Clair

Fast start

The only chance Denver has in this game is to get off to a fast start on offense. Score a damn touchdown in the first quarter. The Broncos do that and the defense is going to feel like it has a chance in this game and begin to jack Tom Brady up. Can they do it? Beats me, but it’s what they need to do to have any chance in this game. - Tim Lynch

Embrace the tank

Keep losing, get that high draft pick and draft a legit quarterback of the future. Do your worst, Brent! Make me proud. Fall for the Belichick mind tricks and get Denver that quarterback. Oh yeah ... Von Miller, break Brady, OK? - Scotty Payne

Broncos Country road blocks

The Broncos can beat the Patriots. It’s football. Any team can win any game on any given Sunday. The inches Denver needs are the ones that are the difference between Osweiler’s height and Siemian’s height. Perhaps the most important key will be keeping New England away from the stadium. This is on you, Broncos Country. If you want the Broncos to win, set up road blocks between the Patriots hotel and Mile High Stadium. You can make this win possible. Now make it happen. - Adam Malnati

Snow ... lots of snow

The last time Osweiler was the QB and C.J. Anderson the running back, the Broncos beat the Pats at home in the snow, on a walk-off 50-yard run by CJ. My key to this game is snow. Lots of snow. Not only to replicate history, but because obviously we are playing like hell, and it will take hell freezing over to win. Or is it a snowball's shot in hell to win? Either way, for Denver to win, it's gotta involve snow or the devil wins! - Pete Baron

Broncos win with a new QB ... Brady

I proposed on Twitter — because I hear that's where all good business gets done these days — the Broncos and Patriots switch QBs if for nothing else than the actual entertainment that will bring. Can you imagine?

Not only can we put to rest the debate of whether it's Brady or Belichick who is more important to the success of the Patriots, as well as end the debate over whether our woes are due more to the ineptitude of the QB or the O-line, but we can also watch our defense try to sack whatever combo of Osweiler/Siemian/Paxton Lynch the coaching staff offers the Pats. PLUS, it will be a blockbuster for SNF on NBC and the viewing audience may actually have a game to watch. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

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What are your keys to victory for the Broncos?