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Matt Paradis should play quarterback for the Broncos

For your not-at-all serious post of the week...

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation asked us what offensive lineman would make the best skills position player on the team and we figured why not try them out at quarterback. A ridiculous question deserves a ridiculous answer.

Looking over the roster, center Matt Paradis makes the most sense here. Just take a look at his many qualifying attributes:

  • Already knows the snap count.
  • Has red hair like Andy Dalton.
  • Has command of the playbook... is cerebral.
  • Understands protection adjustments better than any quarterback on roster.
  • Played in a Super Bowl once.
  • As tall as Trevor Siemian.
  • Has big arms.
  • Looks mean.
  • Can be lead blocker in zone read.
  • Knows Peyton Manning.

Head coach Vance Joseph did say he and the coaching staff were looking at everything in attempt to generate some wins for the Denver Broncos. This would be one change no one would see coming.

No one, except us. lol