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C.J. Anderson hopes to see the fans out in full force against Patriots

Don’t worry C.J., Broncos Country will have the Tom Brady hate all game long. You guys just go win the game.

Oakland Raiders v Denver Bronco Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos are hosting the New England Patriots and they are two teams heading in two different directions. Denver hopes to change that and has had quite a history of success against Tom Brady, especially with the current defensive roster.

With the team struggling, time is running out to get a win and some momentum heading down the stretch. A win over the Patriots would be exactly the kind of victory that could spark a run.

Meeting with the media on Wednesday, Broncos running back C.J. Anderson felt the same way about this game.

“They’re a good football team,” Anderson said of the Patriots. “The best time to turn it around is against a team like this that are not going to beat themselves. They’re going to be very disciplined and very detailed, and focused on their jobs. We can definitely take something from that.”

However, some “fans” on social media are giving players the kind of treatment they just aren’t used to after a half decade of sustained success.

Anderson is one guy who is hearing the noise from trolls on the Internet and seems worried all of Broncos Country is abandoning the team.

“It’ll be good if the fans still believe,” Anderson said. “We get a lot of things on social media whether they believe or not. We need them out there. 76-77 thousand strong, yelling, being loud, disrupting Brady and his calls. It feels good to come home and have some home cooking.”

Someone needs to tell C.J. that the Internet Troll won’t be attending games. Only the true orange and blue blooded Broncomaniac attends the games.

The fans will be there. They’ll be loud. They’ll be rowdy. They’ll annoy the crap out of Tom Brady. Fans understand how important this game is to the outcome of the rest of the season for a team sitting at 3-5 and in the midst of a four-game losing streak.

Anderson knows how important this game is too.

“Every game is important,” Andrson said. “This is just as important as the last one. We definitely want to stop the streak that we’re on, losing wise. Who else better to do it against than the Patriots on Sunday Night Football where—this is like a division game to me. I’ve played them so many times. They know me. I know them. The way the play the game, the way they approach it, how they’re coached, it’s perfect for us.”

There is a good chunk of fans already calling for the Broncos to tank the season, but with eight games to play that just feels like an absurdly early call to quit when the team sits at 3-5.

The Broncos are two games out of of a playoff spot with eight games to go. In 2015, the Broncos were two games out of homefield advantage with six games to go. This season isn’t over just yet, but the they do need to beat the Patriots in order to keep hope alive. Both for themselves and for the fans.