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Trevor Siemian hopes momentum of first win in two months carries into Thursday Night Football

The only Denver Broncos quarterback to lead this team to a win in 2017 is anxious to go out and win another.

NFL: New York Jets at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Few places have been less pleased with Trevor Siemian than this blog, but in hindsight maybe our problem had more to do with how the coaching staff called the plays when he was under center.

On Sunday, the Denver Broncos stuck with the run despite a paltry 2.4 yards per carry on the day. They pounded the rock 35 times and asked Siemian to pick up third downs and go for the occasional big play.

That was the recipe for success early in the season and something I consistently yelled about. The balance led to fewer mistakes and fewer turnovers.

“You don’t really ever go into a game saying, ‘I’m not going to turn it over. I’m not going to get stripped-sacked.’ You just say, ‘I’m going to have a good, smart process about everything.’ There’s going to be times in the game you’re smart but you’re aggressive at the same time,” Siemian said. “There’s been a couple of times this year where I’ve been stupid and aggressive, which you can’t be. You just want to have a good process. This is the NFL, you’re going to have bad breaks every once in a while and you’re going have good breaks every now and then. You just want to feel good about making good decisions and trusting what you see.”

The difference between wins and losses in the NFL is often razor thin and for the first time in two months, that razor thin edge fell in the Broncos favor. On nearly every big throw Siemian made, the wide receiver had to fight tight coverage to come down with the ball.

Siemian was still going to his first read, but his ball placement was back to what it was before his monumental collapse. Whatever he did to get his mind right this week worked like a charm. He was getting the ball out quickly and the ball placement was on point.

“I think early in these games when the d-line is fresh, no matter who your offensive line is—they’re (defensive line) is going to get there pretty quick,” Siemian said. “I think that’s just how you see a lot of games unfold. You want to get the ball up and out pretty quickly, especially early in games. You don’t want to hang on to it too long. I just wish we could have gotten to a couple more of those, but shoot, we won. I’m not complaining about anything.”

The 23-0 shutout win over the New York Jets is exactly the kind of win that a team can explode from. With a short week against a weak Indianapolis Colts team, Siemian is hoping to see this win create a winning momentum into this next game.

“I think you hear a lot of guys upset about the Thursday games, but in our case this is perfect,” Siemian said. “Our first win—it feels like 100 years and we get to hopefully carry some momentum going into Thursday. I think it sets up pretty nicely for us.”

Broncos Country feels that way too. The first win in two months and a short week. Bring on the damn Colts and as Brock Osweiler once said, “Let’s keep this train rollin’, boys!”