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Play of the Week: Demaryius Thomas makes a great touchdown grab

The biggest play of the Denver Broncos 23-0 victory over the New York Jets was an early touchdown reception by Demaryius Thomas.

The Denver Broncos eight game losing streak were games that were typically lost in the first quarter. The ‘here we go again’ mindset seemed to take over and the mistakes and errors would pile up.

That’s why when Trevor Siemian and the Broncos offense capitalized on the great defensive effort early, the team rallied to play lights out for the entire game resulting in an impressive shutout win.

That’s why I’m giving my Play of the Week to that early touchdown reception by Demaryius Thomas who climbed the ladder while being interfered with to end a potential defensive rally by the New York Jets early.

And when I say he was interfered with, he was basically tackled. If the cornerback weighed more, he probably would have taken DT down. It was an incredible effort by Thomas.

The play was fortunate. Siemian did the same thing he had been doing all year when he thinks there is pressure coming - this time there was - which was jump off his back foot and chuck the ball up. Until Sunday, those passes were cringe-worthy, but this time Thomas showed he would not be denied the touchdown.

Edit: As some have pointed out in the comments section, my comments were overly harsh on Siemian’s individual effort on this play. Make no mistake, he balled out and made the best throw he could under those circumstances. I suppose I just have a bit of PTSD whenever Siemian throws off his backfoot...

That was basically it offensively as most of the remaining 13 points the Broncos scored would come off short fields provided by a defense having its best day of the year. If the Broncos don’t score this touchdown, who knows how hard the team would have kept playing.

Here’s to the Broncos 2018 draft position getting even worse next week!