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Broncos at Colts - Live Blog

The Denver Broncos will be looking for only the second two-game winning streak of the season against the lowly Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football.

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

For the Indianapolis Colts (3-10), a win at home against the Denver Broncos (4-9) would mean very little in the grand scheme of things. However, their head coach Chuck Pagano is fighting for his job every bit as much as Vance Joseph was.

Early reports suggest Joseph’s job is safe, provided this team continues to play hard in the final three games of the season. Pagano works for Jim Irsay, which means who the heck knows if he’ll be able to save his job.

The Broncos need to play good defense and stick the run. If they do that, they can rely on field position to outscore the Colts enough to come away with their second win in five days. That would be nice!

Broncos vs. Colts live blog