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Broncos at Colts: The No Bull Review

The Broncos rolled into Indianapolis and beat up on the Colts. Her are my thoughts, opinions, and analysis on the Denver Broncos’ most recent game.

Denver Broncos v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Now that the season is over, the Broncos have found a way to play winning football. It helps to face two less than stellar NFL franchises in that span to be sure, but nevertheless, it is honestly a tad bittersweet to see.

I’m thankful for winning football. But I’m also frustrated that the team is showing moxie now that the season is the garbage.

For those of you who haven’t been with the No Bull Review previously, let me point out this to you: my definition of success in the NFL is making the playoffs. I don’t care how. I don’t care what seeding you get. I don’t care if you even win a game in the postseason. A good year for an NFL team ends with them at least making the dance.

So to see a team who over the course of the year has constantly put a putrid product on the field of play, it seems rather hollow to watch a team with as much talent as this one has only just now start stepping up.


It was another pretty darn good week for the defense. The Colts only put 13 on the Broncos. They didn’t find any big consistent weaknesses to exploit. We covered well, pass rushed well, and did a decent job of stopping the run.

I liked the play calling especially against the Colts. It is easier when you face a less talented QB to dial up pressure and keep them guessing and this week was a good example of that from Joe Woods.

Front 7

Brandon Marshall started off the game getting absolutely ruined by a blocker on a screen pass. Not only was he not able to shed the blocker, he got shoved around like a blocking dummy for yards. His pass coverage continues to lack as he was picked on for a 3rd down conversion and unable to break up the pass to a TE (anyone heard this story before?).

Von Miller had another solid game in every facet to put in the books. He had a couple of nice pressures including a good hit on the QB, what should have been a sack (tackled the QB at the LOS), and even a pass defense.

Also, can we talk about Adam Gotsis? This kid was a pick everyone was questioning last year. The guy can play and he’s still improving. I love what Bill Kollar is doing with this guy and hopefully he isn’t done learning. As it stands, he’s a very consistent run blocking lineman with a good motor that reminds me an awful lot of Derek Wolfe.


I loved seeing a nice CB blitz out of Chris Harris, Jr. it isn’t something you want to wear out, but that wrinkle is a nice facet of his game that he executes well. Who am I kidding though...CHJ executes everything well if we’re being honest. T.Y. Hilton caused him some trouble, which I’ve pointed out in the past. Hilton is a pretty tough matchup for both of our corners for different reasons. He has too much straight-line speed for CHJ and too much quickness for Talib. That being said, they held him to under 50 yards which is a good win in my books.

Darian Stewart is totally kicking himself on his missed INT early in the game. His play was outlined in the broadcast and was a perfect read of the play and break on the route. Sadly, he didn’t haul it in even when it was thrown right in front of him.

I think it is worth giving Will Parks a little love as well. He’s been filling in more at SS with Justin Simmons on IR and he’s doing a really solid job. He led the team in tackles in this one which speaks to both his nose for and persuit of the ball.


Credit to Bill Musgrave for getting this team to play decent offensive football. Nothing about it is spectacular, tricky, or eye-popping. This is just well planned, decently executed NFL football. Having an actual QB take the field who has some modicum of talent helps a bit in this area as well.


Can you taste the rainbow? I love me a nice rainbow...especially thrown into triple coverage low right to the front side defender instead of anywhere that gives your WR a decent chance to catch the ball.

Dear sweet 8lb 6oz baby Jesus, the only thing I want for Christmas is this sorry excuse for a NFL player to be off of my beloved team.

I don’t like the QB change happening because of injury, but I was excited to see a guy take the field who can actually play NFL football in Brock Osweiler. His TD run in the 2nd quarter was superb recognition and effort. I also like seeing a guy who can attack the field deep to the outside as well as across the middle in the passing game but not actually staring down covered routes.

Seriously though. Broncos Country needs to give Brock some love this week. Compared to any other Post Toastie peeing excuse for a QB we’ve seen this season, this guy was dropping dimes.

Let’s also point out that the whole team looked completely different once Osweiler came in the game. I saw more effort from this team at all levels and in all areas once they saw they had an actual NFL QB taking the snaps. Leadership is a real thing, ladies and gentlemen and yes, even Brock Osweiler has this in spades when compared to the other QBs the team has started this year.


I liked the run blocking from the line in this game. One thing all of Broncos Country can be thankful for is an improved offensive line. Go back and watch a couple games from the 2016 season and compare the line play. We definitely made strides in this department in 2017.

Garrett Bolles, I need you to learn one thing this offseason: you can’t drag down players with a WWE clothesline. You cost your team a TD with that move and it was completely unnecessary.

Also, in case I haven’t pointed it out enough yet this year, Max Garcia has to go. He can go sell real estate with captain one-read. I foresee Ron Leary getting his LG position back next year and Connor McGovern (who had a great game) taking over at RG.

Running Backs

Devontae Booker looked really sharp in this game. His best play got called back with him leaping a player for a big gain, but even then, he looked dangerous with the ball with the number of snaps he got.

Let’s also continue to give some love to C.J. Anderson. He once again put a really good game together with a line that was winning and opening holes up front.


Jeff Heuerman had the 2nd best play of the year by a tight end that plays for the Broncos. His TD pass was a great effort and athletic play on his part to get it in the end zone with a strong stiff arm.

Cody Latimer also played the game of his career. After 4 years, he’s finally starting to look more like an NFL player, though I’d still advocate for looking for a younger player with upside over him this offseason as he becomes a UFA.

Special Teams

Is anyone else out there in Broncos Country a little concerned about Brandon McManus? Don’t get me wrong, he’s far from the biggest problem on the team, but if this team were playing winning football all year, I kinda feel like his consistent misses would be a big talking point.

Final Thoughts

I’m just happy to have watched two games of good football from our team in a row with my beautiful wife. We were fist bumping and cheering big time throughout the game and it was very satisfying to see.

Please, Broncos do the right thing and play Brock Osweiler the rest of the season. He deserves it. He should have been playing most of the year honestly. Let him finish out with the team strong.

Also as far as his future goes, I honestly like the idea of him staying in Denver. He’s shown that he can be a very dependable backup who has the skill and moxie to win games. If you plan on drafting and developing a QB, this is the perfect guy to help us out until that young gun is ready. If you get a vet, this is the perfect guy to back that QB up and keep the train rolling along until they get healthy.

Let’s hear from Broncos Country on this may be a little knee jerky, but I feel like a QB who actually plays well should get some extra time as the center of discussion for our fan base.


Do you like the idea of Brock Osweiler staying with the Broncos after this season?

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  • 39%
    Hell least he knows how to play quarterback!
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  • 34%
    Meh...sure. He could be our backup
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  • 5%
    No way...that cake is a friggin lie
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  • 20%
    Let’s wait and see if he gets more action before we make that call
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