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Was Mike McCoy the reason for the Broncos struggles on offense?

Friday’s The Afternoon Drive had a very interesting debate on Denver’s former offensive coordinator.

New York Giants v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Save for one game this season, most had no clue what Mike McCoy was up to.

The last two games for the Denver Broncos, with Bill Musgrave as the offensive coordinator, punctuated that for Les Shapiro on Friday’s The Afternoon Drive.

“The more we watch, and the more we see them have success running the offense the way they did (Thursday night), it really sets it in stone, it really tells me that they made a big mistake putting Mike McCoy and Bill Musgrave next to each other in the office and having them come up with an offensive scheme,” Shapiro said. “We were told this is an all-star group of coaches they were bringing in. Well, it’s wasn’t so much, OK?

“I’m assigning even more blame to Mike McCoy for what was going on.”

Eric Goodman and Shapiro proceed to have a very interesting debate about the Broncos offense, the personnel and what the expectations were this season. And what we all saw Thursday night against the Indianapolis Colts solidified everything Goodman and Shapiro have been saying about Denver’s offense for two years.