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Broncos keep winning and the mantra has changed

The Broncos 25-13 defeat of the Colts may have answered some big questions about 2018

NFL: Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After the Denver Broncos defeated the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football, the #EmbraceTheTank mantra switched to #AbandonTheTank. Interestingly enough, the win may have been important to answering some big questions about the team. Connor McGovern shined, and the offensive line may be coming together nicely for 2018.

As Ian St. Clair and I stated on the MHR Radio postgame recap, other questions about the Broncos future may have started to be answered. The win either helped save Vance Joseph’s job, or it didn’t. We will find out in a few weeks, but it certainly bodes well for him that the team has played this well two weeks in a row. If the defense can keep rolling like they have, Joseph may have the head coaching position for 2018 locked down.

Speaking of that defense, they have looked very good, and against a bad Colts team, they continued to shine. While they did not get a take away, and only had one sack, the Colts offense only looked comfortable in short bursts. It wasn’t a shutout, but it was a good all-around win. The only touchdown they gave up came after the worst interception I have ever seen Trevor Siemian throw. After that, there was very little offensive movement for Jacoby Brissette, T.Y. Hilton, and Frank Gore.

Another question answered could be the fate of Trevor Siemian. The Skycam view that NBC has been using gave every fan the opportunity to see what the quarterback sees. It wasn’t pretty for Siemian, and he struggled while in the game. However, his injury in the first quarter has landed him on IR, and probably ended his career in Denver.

Meanwhile, Brock Osweiler came in and looked like the QB that Elway wanted him to be when he made him a second round draft pick. He was throwing darts. Whether he will start the rest of the way remains to be seen, but his touchdown pass to Cody Latimer was textbook. He went through the progression, looked the deep safety away, and hit Latimer for the score. His play in relief of Siemian may have given him a little more time in Denver.

What’s the big takeaway? After a season of serious lows, many in Broncos Country had resigned themselves to the fact that Denver was terrible and would be getting a very high draft pick. Now, the prospect of winning out has fans looking at 2018 with real promise. Unfortunately, the only thing these wins do is push the team’s draft pick further back. But if Vance Joseph is right, that momentum may be useful next season.

Then again, how often has he been right this season?

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