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C.J. Anderson gained over 100 yards after contact against Colts

According to Pro Football Focus, C.J. Anderson gained a whooping 102 yards after contact against the Indianapolis Colts.

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NFL: Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As someone who blogs the Denver Broncos 24/7, something caught my eye from Pro Football Focus that I can honestly say I’ve never seen from a player in the orange and blue.

C.J. Anderson had 102 yards after contact. So 102 of his 158 yards came after an Indianapolis Colts defender hit him.


Anderson was already going to be a big part of the Denver offense, but after QB Trevor Siemian went down with an injury, Anderson became the focal point. He helped chew up the clock in the second half, carrying the ball a whopping 30 times for 158 yards. He topped the 100-yard mark on yards after first contact as well, and forced seven missed tackles.

It has to be rare, because PFF also gave their game ball to Anderson who was a human tackle breaking machine on Thursday Night Football.

The performance puts Anderson within striking distance of his first 1,000 yard season. He needs just under 75 yards in each of the next two games to break that all-important milestone.

Given how well Devontae Booker has come on as of late, Anderson could very well be on the trade/chop block for the Broncos once the offseason comes around. There is virtually now cap hit to getting rid of him and if John Elway needs the cap space to bring in a guy like Kirk Cousins that might be one of the ways he finds the money.

Whatever happens, Anderson’s time in Denver has to be one of the more under-appreciated stints. The fact is, Anderson came up big during the games biggest moments in his career and that says a lot about a guys character and competitive fire.

Have a game ball, C.J. You’ve earned it!