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Broncos waffling on the starting QB decision. Again.

The team is not ready to name a starting quarterback against the Redskins just yet.

Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

In the wake of Trevor Siemian’s season-ending shoulder injury, the Broncos need to decide who will step in to start the final two games of the season. But, per usual with this coaching staff, they haven’t decided who that will be in a timely manner.

It may take another couple of days for the outcome of the situation to become clear. But the decision is bound to be somewhat controversial no matter whose name gets called.

Brock Osweiler stepped in for Trevor Siemian after the latter got hurt last Thursday, and proceeded to play one of the best off-the-bench games in recent memory. Many fans would argue that he earned the right to start the final two games with that performance. But with there being a pretty decent chance that Osweiler won’t be on the roster next season, maybe what he deserves isn’t as important as what the team needs in these finals weeks of the season?

On the other hand, the team really hasn’t seen much out of Paxton Lynch yet. That’s the strongest reason for starting him. The coaches and front office need to see what the tall young gunslinger has... or do they? Some would argue that starting Lynch is a decision to start the tank back up. It’s also rather doubtful that Lynch could show enough progress in just two starts to actually change the course of the offseason.

Though there’s no decision so far, the Broncos seem to be leaning toward playing Lynch. Today’s presser included several notes focused on his progress in returning from injury, which had previously been something of a neglected topic.

Those comments would seem to push the needle toward Lynch starting, but it’s anyone’s guess as to who will actually get the nod. It may depend completely upon how healthy Lynch is.

For now, the identity of the starter for the next two weeks is still up in the air. It’s unlikely that either candidate can do enough with the two games to win the job long term. But maybe they can take some steps toward clinching the #2 spot on the depth chart. With that in mind, which of the QBs should be back in orange & blue next year, if any?