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MHR Live: Broncos and bobbleheads

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New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

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The Denver Broncos have a two-game winning streak that has negotiated the team from the 3rd overall draft pick in 2018 to where they currently sit at 10th. Is this winning streak detrimental to the team? We'll let you know what looks most likely for when the Broncos will be drafting.

The team is not the only thing that is winning, after two very strong weeks on defense, Denver as a defensive unit has planted their flag a top the pile of best defenses in the NFL.

Also, trade scenarios? Rumors a plenty involving Aqib Talib and Emmanuel Sanders, we'll tell you why they're just a bunch of clickbait.

Get in where you fit it, because study long, study wrong. Join your host Ian Henson and the greatest group of Broncos fans on the internet live, right now.

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Aqib Talib

Also, the 'Cut Aqib Talib after the season' nonsense has to stop and we know that you readers have heard this, so here is the short version. Talib is currently the eleventh highest paid cornerback next season as it stands.


Meaning before free agency hits, he's the eleventh highest paid cornerback next season. He is likely to finish free agency as the fifteenth.

Why in the world would Denver cut him?

As backed against the wall as Siemian, Brock Osweiler and Isaiah McKenzie's turnovers have made the Broncos defense this season, Talib has only given up three touchdowns in pass coverage this season and 24 receptions. He gives up only .6 yards every time that he covers a receiver. That's third best in the NFL. Chris Harris Jr. is sixth in that same category by the way. How ever you slice this chuck that isn't yours, Broncos fans, those are numbers deserving of raises. You can't replace Talib or Harris's value with anyone and you can't risk it on a rookie.

However, in the last few weeks there has been a new piece of evidence entered on behalf of Talib's chase for the Hall of Fame. Denver's defense is fine — it is good even — they've been backed into the red zone so often by short fields and weak special teams that the Broncos defense looks bad.

Denver's defense got bad without Talib though and the [not good] show — that is the offense and special teams — overshadowed how bad the Broncos are without Talib on defense.

If you need it spelled out for you, rookie cornerback Brendan Langley was targeted twice directly by quarterbacks this season and he has given up one touchdown. Langley was so bad in coverage that the Broncos had safety Justin Simmons play as a cornerback against the Miami Dolphins in Week 13. A week later Simmons was lost for the remainder of the season.