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Rumor: Expect the Broncos to make a “big push” for quarterback Kirk Cousins this offseason

Rumors are already swirling about who the Broncos will target at quarterback this offseason.

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With the Broncos offseason growing closer and closer, rumors about how the Broncos will fix their quarterback conundrum and who they will target are beginning to come out.

Cecil Lammey and D-Mac of 104.3 The Fan in Denver are saying they expect the Broncos to make a BIG push for quarterback Kirk Cousins this offseason.

Now I know a few of you will brush this off, but they’re not the only ones being told this and/or are making this connection. NBC Sports’s Ross Tucker said Denver is a ‘Very real chance that Denver is the most appetizing’, as well as Benjamin Allbright who has been saying this will be the case for months.

Another more recent example is Yahoo Sports’s Frank Schwab making the Broncos and Cousins connection as well. He believes that Denver Broncos General Manager and President of Football Operations John Elway will make the “quick fix” this offseason.

Quick free agent fix: Remember that John Elway doesn’t like losing. Presumably he sees his defense and feels it can compete at a championship level. What he needs is a quarterback, and one who can step in and provide an instant boost to a moribund offense. With the 49ers presumably happy with Jimmy Garoppolo, is there a more obvious landing spot for Kirk Cousins than Denver? That assumes the Redskins don’t give Cousins another franchise tag. Denver doesn’t have a ton of cap space, but they are projected by Spotrac to have about $33 million. I think this is where Cousins lands. Signing a veteran and not using their high draft pick on a quarterback would also leave the light on for Paxton Lynch to turn around his career and become the quarterback of the future, however unlikely that seems at the moment.

Another non-direct example is the Broncos blaming Vance Joseph’s lack of success on the quarterback play. Their reported “number one mission” this offseason will be finding a starting quarterback. A rookie quarterback rarely brings instant success, so all signs point as of now, to a veteran quarterback like Kirk Cousins.

There is plenty of smoke here to believe that a fire might be brewing in Dove Valley, but again these are just rumors right now. However, they do make a ton of sense.

There’s one area where Elway has done amazingly during his career as General Manager for the Broncos, and that area is Free Agency. Obviously, Peyton Manning is the big example here but names like DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib, Emmanuel Sanders, Terrance Knighton, Brandon Marshall, Owen Daniels, Ron Leary, Domata Peko, Darien Stewart and so on are all “quick fix” free agent signings.

Not all were expensive, but clearly, he has had great success in this area. Obviously, Cousins will not come cheap, but cap guru Mike Sullivan has been hammering out good contracts for the Broncos for years so I trust that area of things pretty well.

Personally, I find the idea of adding Kirk Cousins and spending the potential top 5 to 10 draft pick in another area of need rather exciting.

What do you think Broncos Country?


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